Flavour boosts or flavoured BE

Hello! New to Huel and have a question about the boosts.
Only a couple of days in but enjoying so far, enjoying BE vanilla & s&c.Tried a flavour boost banana sachet with vanilla today and enjoyed, but wondering if it’s a true representation of what BE banana would actually taste like? Different sweeteners etc, it’s one of those flavours where its so hit or miss if I actually enjoy, but the combo this morning was really pleasant.

Or do I just go grab a pack of flavour boost banana when I order next? I’m in two minds whether to just order BE vanilla and mix it up with different boosts generally :slight_smile:

Tomorrow will be the first Huel in work too, so hoping it goes well and I’m not ravenous after one for lunch!:joy:

The Flavour Boosts have been made to be used with v3.0. They are sweetened with Stevia, as is Black Edition, so if you are sensitive to the flavour of stevia (some experience a bitter or licorice aftertaste) then the double whammy might not be for you. However, Banana Flavour Boost has a pretty similar flavour profile to the pre-blended flavours - that natural, blended banana taste.

Hope that helps! So glad you’re enjoying your Huel!