Black 1.0, Chocolate flavour. Feedback

In short. It’s foul
I mean, stomach churningly, vomit inducingly, nasty.

What manner of rancid gak have you slipped into this stuff ?
It’s like eating raw Xylitol with a spoon.
The aftertaste has to be scrubbed out of your mouth with a toothbrush otherwise it contaminates everything you eat for the rest of the day.

I hardly dare open the bag of Vanilla I have here for fear it’ll be the same.

If the standard 3.0 Huel is using the same “accident in a chemical plant” flavour then I’m out.
Can’t choke down another vile mouthful.

Severely dissapointed.

I died here hahahahahahah

Haven’t tried though, only U/U like a chimp

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@MaxPower I’m guessing you have anti-stevia tastebuds!!!
To some people, stevia tastes bitter and foul.
My personal taste buds love it but HATE sucralose.

It’s a bit like the divide over coriander. Some people think it tastes fresh and delicious, but others have taste buds that think coriander tastes like soap :face_vomiting::woozy_face::rofl:

I’m guessing that as you have anti-stevia taste buds, you won’t like huel black, or the flavour boosts.

Try regular Huel but look for a flavour that has sucralose only, and no stevia: avoid mint-choc for example. I think new vanilla has sucralose only. And unflavoured & unsweetened has neither obviously!


Hiya, re the tastebuds thing. Entirely possible.
I’m one of the poor saps who would rather wash out his mouth with a bar of 1980’s LifeBouy than go within a fork’s reach of even the merest hint of corriander.

Flavour boosts I’ve had no major issue with so far, Caramel was actually quite tasty, and my experiences of Huel Vanilla, Berry, Coffee, and Unflavoured have been largely positive.
(The unflavoured took a bit of poking with marmite and the like to turn into something that was food rather than cardboard.)
Those were the 2.3 for the most part. Hoping that 3.0 basic is much the same.

But this stuff. Never eaten anything like it. Hope never to again.


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I think most of us have one variety of Huel that tastes like pure evil :mask:
For me and @David it’s Berry premix!

I actually really liked Black Edition chocolate!
I’ll be interested to know what you think of black vanilla. If you’re brave enough to try it :laughing:

So you like the 2.3 Vanilla (and thats “New Vanilla”, not the classic old vanilla version yeah?), but you don’t like v3?

Cause I never enjoyed the new vanilla, it had this chemical taste, and now I kinda wanna try v3 but I’m afraid that it’ll taste like chemicals to me. However, maybe this is different, cause you actually liked the new vanilla… weird

never had 2.3 Vanilla only Original - now using Black Edition Vanilla which I find to be a comparable light taste to 2.3 Original - just slightly sweeter - zero interest in buying chocolate premix of any variety as its easy enough to add your own chocolate flavouring to suit your own taste/strength with a vanilla base and unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder.

Not sure who you’re aiming the question at? I’m assuming @MaxPower?
His post was about Black Edition chocolate though.
Sounds like he liked v2.3 vanilla but hasn’t tried v3 yet (Correct me if I’m wrong Max!)

I also dislike new vanilla v2.3. I have no intention of trying vanilla v3 !!! But I will try the other flavours in v3 in due course (not berry tho - that was worse than vanilla!)
I’ve just ordered v3 UU to try.

You could try Black Edition vanilla… reviews so far indicate it’s very different. Black Edition chocolate is certainly very different to any other chocolate premix or flavour boost.


Ah Max, this is gutting. Not heard a review this bad for Black, we’ve had some great feedback so far :frowning:

There is stevia in Black Edition and coconut sugar, but no xylitol. I assume you’re referring to the general taste of the sweetness though.

Could you be more specific about what it is you don’t like about Black? v3.0 still uses sucralose, but now natural flavour. If you liked v2.3 like you say then I don’t think v3.0 is going to be a problem for you :raised_hands:

Hiya, Yeah my experience is with v 2.3 flavours of varous types, all of which I found just fine.
Ranging from passable (coffee), to actually very tasty (Vanilla).

V3.0 not tried yet. But soon.

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Hi Tim,
Sorry to throw gravel in the gears. But yep, for me, the Black Chocolate is not a food, it’s a torture.
If it was just “ooh this isn’t very nice” I’d have said nothing.
It’s… well, I think I’ve made my thoughts clear on that one.

Xylitol reference was for the minty overtones in the flavour, They’re sufficiently intense that I had to check that the flavour wasn’t supposed to be mint chocolate…
But the main thing I don’t like is the overwhelming “artificial sweetner” flavour. A taste I associate with the earliest nastiest attempts to make sweeteners from the mid 1980s using saccarine and nothing else.
The “chemical” aftertaste honestly lasts for hours and didn’t go away until I ht the bathroom for some mouthwash. I couldn’t even taste my coffee, it was that bad.

The only reference I can really give is the effect that Magic Berries (Synsepalum dulcificum) have on the tastebuds. Take some, and for some hours everything you eat tastes sweet and slighly unusual.
But instead of sweet everything just tastes of chemistry instead of food.

I’m going to give the vanilla pop later today and cross my fingers it’s something to do with the chocolate itself. If not, then I’ll get hold of some 3.0 and try that.

For now though, there’s a chap in my office who’s been known to partake of the odd Huel lunch now and again. I’ll see how he gets on with the chocolatey doom.

Thanks for reaching out. It means a lot.



I thought the black chocolate tasted ok, just don’t smell it before. It smells kinda weird. I prefer it to black vanilla which I find really salty. Black chocolate is a bit salty too but I think the chocolate flavours masks it a bit. I’m not sure why the salt content is so high o n these

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It’s 0.29g per serving difference - you must be particularly sensitive to that level of difference - I didn’t notice it at all

Did you get anywhere with the Vanilla?

I just tried Black Chocolate, and I’ve had pretty much an identical reaction.

I’ve ordered some vanilla and chocolate black today not tried it yet looking forward to trying it and see how the lower carbs effect me.
I really don’t like this new way the dispatch works, I ordered early this morning and not heard anything yet. I know though I will get the dispatched email in the night when I am asleep that’s what happens lately. It’s totally shite now compared to what it used to be there’s no time to sort the drop off shop for next day so takes 2 days now.

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Yeah I don’t usually get the email until the van is on the road.

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My last dispatch email arrived 8 hours after my delivery of Huel did, luckily someone was in.

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Totally agree with @Ian42 - the dispatch email often comes 2hrs before arrival, or not at all, or sometimes after!!
I’ve found the best thing to do is just check your DPD app because even if you’ve had no dispatch email from huel and no notification from DPD, the delivery often still shows up in the app and you can select your delivery options.

Personally, I think a 48hr turn around on orders would be better, to allow for any last minute changes, or cancellations, and to allow time for the dispatch email to come through prior to delivery for those people who lead busy lives and aren’t home all day so they can alter their delivery day / address / pick up shop etc.

It’s kinda nice having your Huel the very next day. But probably more useful to have the ability to make changes to any accidentally incorrect orders. For example, my last order I accidentally chose regular Huel in the outlet shop which because of the one time delivery and no subscription option is now the same price I used to pay for the more expensive gluten free, i didn’t notice until it was too late :frowning:
There was no live chat or phone line open and even if there was, turn around is too quick to correct the order.
I absolutely can’t afford to pay the £10 or whatever it is to send it back for a refund / exchange so I’m going to have to take a chance on it and hope I don’t get a reaction to it (I do often react to regular oats).

I honestly think a 48hr turn around time would make better business sense than the current 12-24hr.
We all love fast delivery but it really doesn’t need to be quite that fast! Or maybe there could be option to choose at check out


We are really sorry about this, we realised there had been an issue with the shipping emails as customers were receiving them extremely delayed.

However no need to worry about this continuing as this has now been fixed and you should go back to receiving them at the same time as normal.

We do apologise for any issues caused because of this.


Hiya @WillK

Just mixed up a pot of Black Vanilla.
It’s just fine. Still got a slight hint of sweetener aftertaste but it’s the merest hint and only there if you’re really looking for it.
I prefer the Basic Vanilla, but (shrug) the difference is slight and barely noticable.

Got a chum checking out the Chocolate, so a 2nd opinion at this end also happening.
Just in case I got a bad batch or something. Someone at Huel towers accidentally mixing a double dose of stevia, or adding demons from the 3rd plane of hell by mistake.

Who knows…