Sadness finally tasting Black

Have been a RTD user for a while as part of my supermarket shop. Decided to take the plunge and get a Big Bag instead. Im coeliac so went for black because its GF and seemed to be the latest/poshest/idontknowwhy.
Anyway first one this morning and all I can taste is the stevia. I didnt even realise there was a difference in the flavourings part, was just looking at protein and oats.
Anyway im sad now with a really strong chemical taste in my mouth and a bag of Salted Caramel that might get binned :pleading_face: Apparently its a tastebud glitch that im blessed with.

Get Huel Black Unflavored/Unsweetened, and mix it 2:1 with the salted caramel when you make your meal.

It will make the overly sweet and chemical taste less noticeable, so you might be able to finish your salted caramel bag.

Huel should make it prominent information that their products are overly sweet or have a strong chemical taste for a noticeable number of customers and these customers are expected to mix it with the unsweetened/unflavored versions.

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If you have a sensitivity to stevia I’d think v3.1 powder would be a much better choice.

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It does sound like this is the case, we would always recommend reaching out to to see if there is anything we can do to help.

We do include ingredient breakdowns for all products, the same could be said for Corriander for example so we aren’t sure if this would make sense to put this information on the product page currently, but it’s something we’ll make sure we’re communicating with customers deciding between the two products.

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Thanks for your replies, all really helpful :blush: oh and its 4 hours later and I still dont feel like I need anything to eat,so its definitely helping me focus and not snack