Trying Huel Black Edition

I brought Huel black edition for the first time wasn’t a big fan of the original one but I have a good feeling with this one with more proteins and less carbonhydrate with keep you guys informed :slight_smile:


They have only just released black edition. I’m unsure what you tried before but what is on sale now is not version 2, it’s the first version.

I think they mean they tried regular Huel before.
And now they are trying Huel Black…

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Yeah that what I meant in the topic it wasn’t letting me put huel black edition by itself.

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Keep us posted of what you think of it!

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I am not sure if @coup was deliberately being obtuse or if he is a bit like Huel with too little water. I think probably the latter.

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Why did you delete your update @Troy ? And start another thread?!
Post it here so we can follow it. And delete the other one!
Otherwise we will have a hundred topics all with the title Huel Black :laughing: (and then your version numbers will confuse @Coup again because he’s easily confused)

Trying out the new Huel Black Edition was very nice and worth every penny :slight_smile:

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Did you add strawberry boost to the vanilla or chocolate huel black?

Strawberry Boost :blush:

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Tried Vanilla Black Edition this morning.

200ml Alpro almond milk
120ml water
3 ice cubes
90g of Huel
20 seconds in a nutri ninja

The taste I enjoyed. Was slightly less sweet than 2.3 vanilla (I’ve not tried 3.0) but I enjoyed 2.3 vanilla also. I do have a sweet tooth though but I know some people are put off by it being overly sweet. This is definitely less sweet and I think it’s really tasty with a great texture. I enjoy my shakes quite thick and cold so the above works for me.

The macros in Black Edition are perfect for me so I’m a very happy customer.


Sounds really nice.