V3 or Black + Coffee

Hi the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with coffee in my Huel and really keen to know other peoples experience on this. Up until now I’ve literally just done 500ml of water, two scoops of either Vanilla V3 or Black with ice and one shot of Americano. I’ve definitely preferred it with V3 as slightly smoother.

Sometimes the results are fantastic sometimes it can be somewhat thick with the V3. Am I missing something here or perhaps what’s the easiest way to keep it smooth whilst not over powering the vanilla with coffee. I’m also not massively keen on milk with my coffee so any tips/tricks for just adding black filtered coffee are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Really keen to hear other hueligans experience on Coffee + Huel

Have you tried instant coffee already? That’s my favourite way to make a coffee Huel. I have mocha flavoured instant coffee which I add to my Huel Black :drooling_face:

Same here, just chuck some instant coffee in with the Huel powder before mixing.

Although I do order the coffee version of Huel sometimes.

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I haven’t tried the coffee version yet. How is it? Is it strong? Can you compare it with adding coffee to a Huel separately?

I like it. Got one in the fridge now chilling with added banana :banana: blended in my Ninja :yum:

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I tried making up Black Vanilla with brewed coffee I had left to go cold and it didn’t really work for me. Perhaps instant coffee would work better, but I don’t usually buy it so haven’t tried that. I am now a big fan of v3 Coffee flavour with an added tsp of cacao powder - gives that mocha flavour and when I blend it with ice in my Nutri Ninja it’s like having a frappuccino. :yum:

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Will give that a try thanks!

Hi like @DunsfordMage I also add a banana to v3 coffee and also a teaspoon of decaf coffee. It is a lot sweeter like this which I prefer. I also whizz in my nutribullet. I keep chilled water in the fridge so use this when making my shake and usually drink right after making it. :banana::sake::blush:

Do you have an instant powder that dissolves in cold water? Isn’t it necessary to always use cold water to avoid clumping?

Could you describe how exactly/in what sequence you are mixing the ingredients? What ingredients do you use exactly?

Thanks in advance!

All instant coffee dissolves in cold water, especially if you shake the hell out of it. It’s not like “real” coffee where you have to get the flavour out of the bean; that’s been done for you already.

I’ve started adding two teaspoons of instant coffee to my morning Huel. I don’t usually like instant but it tastes great in Vanilla Huel.