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Hi All

new to Huel, usually have the RTD, but thought id go for it and buy the powder. bough Vanilla (win win), and Coffee…eerrr…pass. Im a big coffee drinker, how can you make this flavour more palatable? im having to mix with a sweetened almond milk to make it drinkable. who ever thought this was a true representation of coffee must have no taste buds. how do you guys make it drinkable?

Hi. Add a teaspoon of your favourite instant coffee or get a pack of Huel flavour boosts to try out. Or blend with a banana if you like them.


Hi Bee

thanks for the tip! i usually like the coffee flavour while im walking to the gym at 4am. gives me a pick up, but i am finding it unpalatable. Not tried the flavour boosts yet. I do love mixing my home made peanut butter with the vanilla. But not so great with the coffee flavour.

thanks again for the tip

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Hi, as Bee has said and I also add 1 teaspoon of raw organic cacoa nibs as well. :coffee:

Gonna give this a go! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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4am to the gym? You’re a hero!

yeah 4am lol
i start work at 7am, and hate training after work because its hell in a heart beat trying to get all the equipment together, having to wait/go cold.
at least at 4, there’s usually only 6 in at that time, just smash your circuit, shower and go. sets me up for the day too lol
i have a training session with my PT at 7pm once a week, but thankfully next day is a rest day because he kills me! Two day leg doms after doing leg day with him last Tuesday lol…

thanks everyone for the tips using instant coffee…tried it, worked, also added a spoon of home made peanut butter.

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This sounds like a caffeine-bomb…

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Thanks for this post. I drink three cups of coffee a day, and it’s not good for my health. Unfortunately, coffee is my way of getting rid of stress. It’s good to be able to drink that coffee in peace.