My Huel My Way

Ok so it’s lockdown and I started Huel a few weeks ago. I researched everything I could about Huel, does it taste good, worth the money, how to use it, and I found a friend who had a refer a friend code and set to buying the Huel starter pack (black edition).

I ordered chocolate and vanilla as I figured I could incorporate other things into the vanilla and chocolate I could power through if I needed to.

The first day I tried the vanilla, not unpleasent quite oaty, but a little sweet for me, the next day I tried the chocolate, too powdery for my pallette but tasted good.
Then on the third third day I thought what would happen if I mixed the two together.

1 scoop of each and awesomeness happens! Sweet, full bodied flavour, no powdery taste #win! Have not looked back. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.


my favee mix is white v3 banana with black v1 chocolate

amaze ing

ive tried vanilla and choc
to my taste it kind of cancels each other out

runs down street shouting eureka

That’s exactly it though, all about finding what works for you! We’re just there to give you the right idea, then you can pimp it up how you want to!

This morning I’ve had Vanilla, plus chocolate flavour boost, instant coffee and ice. :ok_hand:

Glad you’ve cracked it, James!

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How much instant coffee, because black coffee is my main source of liquid, so coffee Huel?!?

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The ‘normal’ amount you’d make for that volume of drink.

I’ve had great success with coffee and huel, sometimes I dump a couple of proper espresso’s in, others I just use instant coffee.

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Depends how strong you want the coffee taste. I tend to use one level teaspoon of instant. Plus a level teaspoon of chocolate FB if I want mocha.

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Oh yes, let’s talk about coffee in Huel! :raised_hands: :coffee:

Instant coffee - big old tablespoon, no need to dissolve in warm water, instant coffee dissolves just fine in cold water

Espresso - add in a shot or 2 into your water, add Huel and shake. You might want to add some ice as the espresso will obviously warm the water a little bit

Cold brew - make your own cold brew concentrate and add a double shot to Huel, shake it and pretend it’s an espresso martini

Full coffee maxxxx v3.0 - make a cafetiere of coffee, leave it on the side and forget to drink it, pour remainder into an empty Huel shaker and chill it, then use this as the water component for your Huel

Hope that helps, yes I have drunk lots of coffee today.


hardcore Hueling

almond milk cold brew was nice

Almonds are really bad for sustainability if you worry about that sort of thing. Oat milk seems to have currently cornered the market in terms of least environmental impact. Sorry to be a hippy. But seriously, current production of almond milk has major issues.


Depends where it’s being produced. Large scale almond farming in California is clearly an issue due to water usage. Almond farming in the Mediterranean can actually be done without the need for additional large scale irrigation and so is far more sustainable. I suggest doing your brand research as some brands such as Alpro in Europe don’t use Californian almonds and source only from sustainable farms in the Mediterranean.


calm down with saving the world

the planet has clearly got it under-control.

Um ok. Cool. That’s that sorted then.

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Should point out that almond milk - even the worst produced - is still far better for the planet than dairy milk.

I’m an oat milk girl through and through, but there are some interesting stats online if you search for ‘comparison of dairy and plant milks’.

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its not sorted, but the planet is the boss.

trust me on that.

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All of this climate change and save the earth, isn’t about saving the earth. It’s about ensuring human survival, the earth will be around a lot longer than humans will be.

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This is not necessarily true. If was to get cow milk from the farm shop down the road it will carry considerably less environmental damage per litre than almond milk from California or soy milk from Japan.

Incidentally I don’t drink any of them personally (and I live in the City so there aren’t any farm shops!) but the point I’m making is we can’t just say ‘X is always better than Y’.

Actually, this is not true. The concept of “eat local” has been hyped up but the travel miles of food is only one component of what makes something a sustainable option. In the case of dairy milk, the methane emitted, land required to feed the cows and water to grow the feed all mean it is a less sustainable option than even the worst farmed plant milk grown on the other side of the planet. Google ‘eat local vs plant based’ for lots of articles and links to studies.

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This is in danger of veering too far off topic but I completely disagree. It’s just a fact that there are plenty of plant farming practices that are every bit as damaging as animal farming and there are also examples of sustainable animal farming (granted far fewer of these).

I imagine we’ll not agree on this so I’ll leave it there (unless there’s a topic specifically for this debate!)

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I ordered same With black and third shake was a mix Of the two and I’ve not looked back.

I’ll add 23g vanilla Black to 50G UU and add flavour boosts, makes for nice not-too-sweet flavours.