Coffeeeeee Huel

I LOVE the coffee Huel :heart_eyes: That is all :yum:


I couldn’t quite bring myself to order Coffee flavoured Huel - purely because I prefer to at least have the option of it not being flavoured with coffee.

That being said though, I do think that Huel + coffee is a particularly spectacular combo (especially flavoured instant coffees, like caramel or hazelnut :slight_smile: )

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Its a good point, I have the coffee one and the vanilla one. I love coffee Huel too :smiley: put with the coconut instant coffee is amazing too!

well yeah, if you’re going to order different flavours that makes perfect sense. Personally I don’t think that’d work for me. I mean, it would, in that I’d love to have a variety of different flavours but I just know that in the end I’ll get bored of one of them and it’ll spoil before it’s finished :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love the new coffee Huel! Definitely going to modify my subscription to include more.

I’m currently running a 50/50 mix of new vanilla and coffee, which is very nice.


Ohhh what a fab idea, I’ll try it with the vanilla :smiley:

Me too. Love Coffee Huel.
… I don’t drink coffee. Weird, huh?

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Coffee Huel works well with some cinnamon :yum:

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My favourite is UU plus 2 scoops coffee and ice cubes all blended.
Ive also discovered as above and cacao is lovely. I tried the choc mint with coffee but it wasnt minty enough for my taste.


For me the vanilla is the best one! That surprised me.

I’m the same!

Not a big fan of the coffee, but discovered through others advice that adding cacao flavour boost helps. Hmm… I’d probably like the mocha flavour boost in vanilla thinking about it!

I am new to huel , just ordered the chocolate and it’s amazing so nice i want to have a another straight after the first one.

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