Question: Rank your favourite Huel flavours!

There are tons of posts with awesome flavouring ideas, so I thought I’d share my ranking in order of preference, after a bunch of unintentional experimenting :slight_smile: I’m going 100% Huel next week so I’ll keep adding to this list! I don’t have a blender and I like to not add too many extra calories so my flavourings are quite basic haha.

My Ranking:

  • Original + ChocFS (similar w PB2) :chocolate_bar:
  • Original + MochaFS :coffee: :chocolate_bar:
  • Original + MatchaFS :tea:
  • Original + instant coffee (similar w cocoa) :coffee:
  • New Vanilla
  • Coffee + ChocFS
  • New Vanilla + MatchaFS
  • Original + PB Flavdrops
  • New Vanilla + almond milk + ChocFS
  • New Vanilla + almond milk
  • Original + cinnamon
  • Original + pineapple
  • Original/New Vanilla + MyProtein Toffee Flavdrops
  • New Vanilla + instant coffee
  • New Vanilla + pineapple
  • Original + ToffeeFS
  • New Vanilla + cocoa
  • Original + PB2
  • Original
  • New Vanilla + PB2 (bc can’t really taste it anyway)
  • Coffee
  • Coffee + SF Hazelnut

Have yet to try (I may take some of your suggestions!):

  • Original + Milo powder
  • Original + SF hazelnut syrup
  • New Vanilla + Baobab Powder
  • Cinnamon + cocoa
  • PB2 + cocoa
  • SkinnySyrups Hazelnut + cocoa/ChocFS
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Berry/Apple tea
  • LiquiFlav Bulk Powders

A lil peek into my flavouring station:
edit: bc it had since expanded

Possible combinations (to 3 bases):

  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • ChocFS & All Flavoursystems (8)
  • Cinnamon (+cocoa)
  • PB2 (+cocoa/ChocFS)
  • PB Flavdrops
  • Toffee Flavdrops
  • Milo powder
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Baobab Powder
  • SkinnySyrups Hazelnut (+cocoa/ChocFS)
  • SkinnySyrups Berry
  • SkinnySyrups Salted Caramel

So now’s your turn: what’s your favourite Huel flavours, in order of preference?

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New Vanilla + cocoa powder and cinnamon for me.

Or in the evening, New Vanilla Huel and bulk powders Speculoos (lotus biscuit) flavour whey Protein is pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

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Ooo good question. Forgive me for shilling by only talking about my favourite Flavour Boosts:

These choices change weekly:

  1. Mocha/Cacao
  2. Coffee Huel
  3. Matcha Tea
  4. Toffee
  5. Mince Pie

When the weather gets better though I will be demolishing our supply of Banana, Pineapple and Coconut and Rhubarb and Custard!

Edit: totally forgot about Mint-Choc and now having an existential crisis.


I have only tried the powders by themselves so far but much prefer and love Original Vanilla. It is great on its own. I will probably try flavor boosts at some point though but for now I am happy with original Huel

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As if this bloody exists… Just ordered some :smiley:


Have you considered a hazelnut flavour?


I tried almond additive … from the baking isle

Not too bad !!

I can’t stomach the new vanilla, smells exactly the same as calf milk, so I go 50:50 UU and original vanilla. I have a banana and cocoa powder in my breakfast Huel, then blitz frozen berries into my lunch one. Tried peanut butter/curry powder combo but could barely finish that one, savoury Huel is not for me!

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Ooo that’s a nice idea. I believe, although I’m not 100% sure, that any nut flavours are difficult to make without using nuts. We like that Huel is allergen-free (our GF version at least) and generally just want to minimise common allergens in Huel products. However I’m sure some clever people that do this regardless! Hazelnut and cacao could be very good!

I bought a “Skinny Syrups Hazelnut Flavour (0kcal)” (the idea got stuck in my head after you mentioned it), I’ll let you know how that fares in Huel! :stuck_out_tongue:

Coconut and vanilla flavour boost
Coffee Huel
vanilla and raw cocoa powder
Huel and PBS - although it makes me fill too full if I make my regular 100g shake (plus the PB).
Huel and Myprotein sugar free maple syrup

are amongst my favourites.

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Yes let me know how does it tastes!

I want my dollar!

I do:
1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 water, one banana, 100% dark cocoa and a Huel flavouring.
Current fave is caramel.
Also sometimes blend in some home made kefir from cow’s milk.

Caramel with vanilla Huel, not that it’s ever in stock though. 3 months I’ve been waiting for it

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Wow that’s a long time. Many will rely on their favourite flavour boost so hopefully the Huel Team will make this a priority.

It’s the smell of it apparently ,never noticed it myself but it’s been removed until it’s fixed

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My favourites so far (all with 400ml water and chilled in the fridge first):

  1. Original vanilla
  2. Original vanilla with 1 teaspoon instant coffee
  3. Original vanilla with mixed berries (blackberry, raspberry, blueberry) blended up
  4. Original vanilla with tablespoon of peanut butter blended up
  5. Original vanilla with chocolate fs
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I love the taste. I am having vanilla gluten free. I have got in the habit of mixing decaff coffee, which I just love. Have only been on full Huel for 1 week and am loving it. So I hope I really do lose weight/fat.

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Huelio Iglesias good name hahah

With peanut is pretty good