Huel + Espresso = Win

I’ve been experimenting with Huel over the past couple of days, and the resulting tastes I’ve experienced are nothing short of magical.

Firstly, I tried Huel, Skimmed Milk, and Cocoa Powder, which tastes almost exactly like chocolate Ready Break. It was rather sweet, so I think this one will be limited to a special treat if I’m feeling particularly groggy in the morning.

Secondly, I put an espresso in with a normal Huel drink, which tastes like one of those Starbucks cold coffee drinks you can usually find in the milk section of a supermarket. I’m probably going to make this my default Huel meal, since the extra calories barely get into double-digits, which is almost unbelieveable due to the improvement in taste. We also have an expensive espresso machine in the office, and good coffee definitely makes the difference!

Try it and let me know what you think! For me it’s a game changer.



Good shout!
I’m going to try this tomorrow morning.

Hi, may be a dumb question but hot or cold expresso? I have been adding instant coffee powder (just to use it up) but I have a branded pod machine, it would take a while for the coffee to cool, I would need to prepare in advance!

I take a normal espresso (hot), and pour that into my shaker. I then fill to 500ml with water, add huel, mix, and finally stick it in the fridge until I’m ready.

Personally, my Huel schedule looks like this;

Breakfast - 8AM
Brunch - 11AM
Lunch - 2PM
Dinner - 5PM

Depending on my mood, I might just have a normal Huel with a separate coffee for breakfast, then as soon as I’ve finished that, I’ll make brunch with an espresso. That way it’s cold and ready for me to grab at 11AM. I do the same throughout the day. It saves time, and it is a lot easier to clean the shaker immediately after consumption, as it prevents dried Huel all around the rim and shaker mesh.

I wouldn’t suggest putting powdered instant coffee into the Huel mix. In my experience, it doesn’t have the same effect, and the premade coffee mixes a lot better as it’s already dissolved. I use freshly ground beans to make my espresso, through a fancy machine, so it’s super rich, but any ‘intense’ brand of instant coffee should work. I’ll be trying Nestle Alta Rica coffee tomorrow, which is my favourite choice of instant coffee when I’m not at the office. Nescafe Azera Intenso is also an amazing blend, however I find it to be too harsh most of the time, whereas Alta Rica is intense without the punch in the face. Additionally, while I’m on a roll, the water should be about 80 degress C when making the instant coffee, as direct contact with boiling water will make the coffee very bitter. If you don’t have a thermometer, just wait for the water to settle in the kettle before pouring :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the ramble, hope this helps! It’s not often I get to talk about my coffee addiction haha.


Oooo I love Azera Intenso thats what I’m using now. I too am a coffee lover but try and limit my intake to no more than 4 cups a day. I have so many superfood powders that take, I dont want to undo all the good stuff…I always ask fellow coffee lovers when chatting - Nero’s or Costa’s?? I am a Nero’s all the way!! Some say they find Nero’s a bit bitter - probably why I like Azera then :grin:


Call me a hipster with more money than sense, but I actually really like Starbucks’ latte :stuck_out_tongue:

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Never been to Starbucks, there isnt one round here, probably for the best :laughing: