Huel blended with Carte Noire coffee granules?

Good. :coffee:

Neither healthy or unhealthy.

(I notice little taste difference between adding cheap coffee granules or expensive espresso.)

There seems to be a lot of people adding coffee, think I’ll try it in the morning :slight_smile:

I’m just hesitant, since I don’t want it to get to lunch time at work and it taste awful, with no backup. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :laughing:

I add coffee to my 500ml / 3 scoops of Huel and it’s delicious. Alot of people add way too much coffee which will cause a bitterness. I add 1 heaped teaspoon.

I also use Mellow Birds coffee which is just a finer powdered instant coffee so that it doesn’t leave me having to blend up the granules.


Coffee is great! Here are some other forum chats about coffee in Huel:

In terms of nutrition, coffee has actually been shown to reduce all cause mortality. Even more interestingly this was independent of caffeine content, i.e. decaf had the same effects! Read on -



Coffee-Huel in the morning is “Darn Tootin’”!

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Second day of Huel (Vanilla) and struggling with the stevia - much too sweet for me, with the usual sort of nasty aftertaste that I find in all sweeteners. But mixing with coffee really helps! I’ve tried ‘real’ and instant, and there’s not much difference in taste. Also, as mentioned elsewhere, I’m getting used to the sweetness, find making a batch the night before and just adding more water if I don’t want it so sweet, all really helpful too. And I haven’t felt hungry once, obviously a Good Thing…

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Digging up an old thread but I’ve just had my first Huel with a spoonful of instant coffee added

It’s bloody gorgeous !!!

Why didn’t I try this weeks ago :slight_smile:


Breakfast of champs.

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I might try instant coffee instead of wasting my fairly expensive nespresso capsules if the taste isn’t much different in Huel. One thing that is good with it though, monin gingerbread coffee syrup.

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Monin syrups in general are so good! I find them and the taste of Huel mean it’s not necessary to add expensive coffee.


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I gave it a go myself too!

I’m not sure it quite counts as a recipe, 1 Nespresso Lungo, water, Huel…

I was presently surprised, it was nice to have a warm breakfast for a change.

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Ive done it. Lumpy cold coffee. :grin:
If you drink coffee, then your getting your fix as well.
Ive also tried cinnamon

On the subject of having it with coffee, if you were to make Huel with hot water as if you were making a coffee, does that have any impact on the nutritional content? Does it break anything down?

Boiling water does, as does a microwave. But as long as it’s not boiling it should be okay.

I found that putting 5 scoops of water, with 1 very generous tablespoon of instant coffee, works lovely with 1 scoop unflavoured and 1 scoop of vanilla.

I don’t know how good/bad it really is for me, at the moment, but it’s a refreshing start to the morning for my wake-up fix and breakfast intake.

Tablespoon!!!??? Holy crap that’s alot of coffee for 1 serving.

I put two heaped teaspoons of coffee in mine, must be around the same as a tablespoon :slight_smile: