New Coffee Huel

Coffee Huel is now available in Europe. It’s based on Vanilla Huel preblended with real roast coffee. The profile is so the amount of coffee in 100g of Coffee Huel is similar to an average mug of home-made coffee.

Coffee Huel is available in regular and Gluten-Free

The caffeine amount is approx. 90mg per 100g powder.

The nutritional information is on our ‘Nutrition’ page (scroll down)

We also have a new article: Health Benefits of Coffee


Very nice job guys. Looking forward to try this! :slight_smile:

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When the fan base is faster than the company hahaha


Lol felt a little sorry for James so I bumped this one :slight_smile: :blush:

Are you going to release equivalent versions with other alternatives, such as full bag variants of the taste packs? Surely the popular ones such as matcha and chocolate are worth a consideration. It would be interesting to know your thought process behind this choice, since clearly it wouldn’t be suitable for evening consumption whereas other alternatives would be.

Looking forward to trying this, a couple questions though. Do I need to put hot water in this or does it taste good when made normally with cold? Also, if cold is used, “could” I put hot water in this or would it impact the nutritional benefits and taste?

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Just ordered! Looking forward to this. Huel and a a good instant coffee is my morning start so this is perfect

Oh please no.

Kind of makes sense for coffee, but replacing flavour packs with flavoured Huel would be super wasteful.

Right now I have one ‘main’ bag of Huel and seven open flavour packs that I have a little bit of each day. I really don’t want to have to have seven open ‘main’ sized bags full of flavour.

You’re likely looking at extreme vitamin C loss and significant transformation of starches in the oat flour (will likely increase GI by around 15%).

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Why does it make sense for coffee? Only if you’re a coffee drinker. And my other point also stands that this wouldn’t be an option for evening meals due to the caffeine content. It makes the same amount of sense, if not more, for the other flavours.

Caffeine blocks some nutrients from getting absorbed though… kind of defies the point of huel?

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Looking forward to hearing how it tastes from some of you early adopters :slight_smile:

Because of the caffeine content you mention yourself :wink:

Some of us rebels drink coffee at night.



Caffeine blocks some nutrients from getting absorbed though… kind of defies the point of huel?

I’ve never seen a source for that claim. Care to post one?

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No it doesn’t


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We are working on developing some other preblended flavour of Huel. However, they may/may not match the Flavour Boosts. Developing flavours on Huel’s complicated base, is hard and it’s important we get it right.


Yes, sure I’ve heard of some of these, but the minerals in question we’ve already accomodated for, eg iron and zinc, and the effect on B6 is not actually that great in vivo, especially as you have to consider the amount of caffeine consumed: it’s only really an issue for those at risk of low B6 status.


You have accommodated for interactions with other nutrients but the amounts look the same with other huel versions. I definitely think cafeine has some amazing benefits but I think it should be consumed at least an hour apart from food.