Huel Powder v2.3 Coffee Flavour

Anyone else excited to try this?

Wish I could order 1 bag but I can’t so will have to amend next sub to 1 bag of this and 1 bag of new vanilla. Fingers crossed its as good as it sounds like it should be.


Wait what? Source?

Here ya go:

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There was an email today.

You can also see the new flavour here:

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Same here.

Though I am really not too sure how it might be different from the Huel with Mocha flavour boost? I add mocha flavour boost to all of my huel shakes…

@Tim_Huel could you post the backside information/nutrition?

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Doesn’t Mocha flavour have fairly negligible caffeine? I’d expect this to match a proper cup of coffee.

One 100g serving is the equivalent of one cup of coffee.

I’d have preferred a mg on that, caffeine levels can vary wildly between different types of coffee.


I was initially quite excited, but as it is caffeinated (?) I guess I would need to drink less actual coffee to offset the use of this, and I’m not sure I want to do that - I enjoy a GOOD cup of coffee (or two)!

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I don’t think it will taste like it at all personally, surely the Mocha has hints of chocolate in it, whereas this will just have the hints of coffee. I am looking forward to trying it, I’ve just updated my sub to include 1 bag.


Yeah coffee/vanilla flavor
Hopefully this is without the maltodextrin.

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Supposed to taste similar to a vanilla frappuccino according to Wired.

Does anyone have the ingredients label please

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Yes! This is great news! Waiting to try

Omg I am going to die from caffeine OD and love it. Defo ordering some of this next time!

Amended my order… roll on the 8th when it should arrive as part of my sub.

This is great though. I hope more flavors are to come. I love new products

So pleased to hear you’re all so excited! Nutritional information below.

It does actually taste a lot different to the Mocha Boost, much punchier and less sweet than Mocha.

It also has as much caffeine in as a cup of coffee - about 90mg per 100g, 34.2mg per 38g scoop.


Thank you Tim! Ordering 6 of these and 2 new vanilla tomorrow. Very excited!

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Let us know how it is Squizzle as I need to wait for my sub to get mine. Thanks.

And cheers @Tim_Huel for the info.

Sure thing. I order from Sweden though so will take couple of days. I’ll make a review once I tried :slight_smile: