Coffee huel tips?

Hi guys just started on huel but I’m really struggling with the coffee huel I accidentally order two.
I was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips to use with the coffee fuel. Something I’m wondering about is can you try boiling water or is always best to go cold ?

I wouldn’t recommend adding boiling water…and if you do…watch when opening shaker, as you may find yourself wearing it.

What exactly don’t you like about it? Not coffee enough? Add some instant.

You could add some cocoa powder too.

If its something else let us know.

Add vanilla essence?

Add extra coffee and a coffee syrup or similar if you like flavoured coffees. Otherwise I second the suggestions above.

@Chris_Huel likes to get our Matcha Tea Flavour Boost into his coffee Huel. I think it’s because he has a bitter soul though. Perhaps you’re sweeter? In which case some hot chocolate powder or cocoa would be amazing!


The coffee Huel is lovely with a bit of the Chocolate flavour boost in, or a sachet of the mocha or caramel flavour boost is really nice if you have a sweet tooth :slight_smile:

I just bought the coffee huel too, I like it but it wasn’t ‘coffee’ enough for me. So I added a shot of espresso, now tastes great!