Huel Flavour Recipes

Ok, thought I’d start a thread for any recipes people have that ‘improve’ the flavour from the Neutral Flavours.

I’ve found that:
3 scoops of Huel (Vanilla)
500ml water
1 scoop of coffee (Nescafé Espresso)
1 scoop of chocolate power


Try it out, let me know your ideas. Anyone added fruit yet?

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I know someone who uses Aero Instant Chocolate Drink

Then adds a dash of Mint Extract and hey presto you have a mint aero Huel.


My only experiment so far is to add cinnamon powder. Half a teaspoon to 100g, or maybe a bit more – I refuse to measure cinnamon properly and probably use too much.

Cinnamon is also great in this recipe:

150g Huel
1 Medium Banana
1 Medium Egg
1 Teaspoon Butter
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
(Bake for 20 minutes on 180.)

I’m in love with this – it’s floated about as ‘cookies’ but I call it my waybread.

Sounds good @Julian, I haven’t tried adding ‘extracts’ yet. Mainly just used flavouring powers. Seems like a good avenue to explore.

Cinnamon is a good shout. Have never tried baking with anything other than flour, will be interesting to try Huel. @JamesCollier - any view on how cooking might affect the nutritional value Huel has?

Ben, I think he’s asked that a lot so if I may save some time:

Second section has the info you want.


Great! Thanks for that.

I have been experimenting and have come up with a blend I call Minty Mocha.

1 tablespoon of decent instant coffee
11g options Belgian choc minty madness
1 teaspoon of stevia (optional but I like it)
2 scoops or 76g vanilla Huel
500ml water.

I tend to add the coffee, choc and stevia to 100ml hot water and mix then add water to make up to 500ml before adding Huel and blending with a hand blender or in my blend active.

I chuck it in the fridge or blast it in freezer for that iced coffee vibe.

Hello everyone!
I’ve been experimenting myself with flavours too.
Just to give some context, as I’m trying to loose fat I do 2 scoops per meal, 4 or 5 times a day (depends on if I did sports or not). I bought the unflavoured and unsweetened option, and for breakfast is just perfect, as I find it a bit sweet (I’m more into savoury stuff).

For the rest of meals I wanted to get a different taste, so for a couple of my meals, I tried cooking with it. What I did was, for 2 scoops, adding a bit of water, 1 egg and 1 white of another egg, some soda powder, half a vegetable stock cube, mixed herbs and rosemary. All in the oven (200 degrees) until cooked and I loved it!! Reminded me of that focaccia taste I love. As you can guess, I’m a sucker for bread! :smile:

I’ll probably make it next time without the egg, as I don’t need extra protein. :wink: Anyone has experienced with savoury stuff? I’m surprised how everyone seems to be prefering adding sweet flavours to Huel. :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried adding some shots of espresso to Vanilla Huel? I’m looking to combine my morning coffee craving with some Huel goodness. :coffee:

Not me personally but has been mentioned before Huel + Espresso = Win

Well someone has certainly given it the thumbs up! Looks like I know what my morning Huel will be tomorrow…
Now if only they could develop ‘Wine Huel’… :wine_glass:

Did you mix the mint options with a little water before adding to the Huel?

Sorry just saw you did add water before

I have the same issue, I prefer savory all the time. Unfortunately for me I bought a lot of unflavoured product and after a while I didn’t really find a lot of savory flavorings I could do and the same flavor gets old. The vanilla flavor doesn’t get old, and all the good combinations are much better if you start from the vanilla flavor.
Mostly what I for a quick meal is just do 70 degrees water and put a stock cube, I like the tomato and herbs, I like this one , I tried a few of them, lots of them are not good. Then there’s bread usage but I find it hard to bake and not lose track of the calories.

Thanks for the bread recipe, I’ll try it.

So I’ve just gotten home and decided to flavour some Huel for the first time.
Looking in my cupboards I found some Peanut Hottie, a chocolate and peanut “hot chocolate” powder.
It’s better in Huel than as a hot drink (hence why it was sat in my cupboard), think liquid Reese’s cups.
I used about 350ml water, 2 scoops of vanilla Huel and 1 teaspoon (about 85Cal).

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I’ve added a shot of espresso from my coffee machine into 500ml water, 3 x Huel vanilla scoops, 1 x banana and some ice. It’s my breakfast of choice and is yummy. I do cool the coffee first in the fridge / freezer if I’m organised. And do use a blender. Hope this helps.

Vanilla Huel + 2 tsp Nescafe Azera Espresso + 2tsp Chulula Hot Sauce.
Lovely rich coffee taste with a ‘buzz’ in your mouth that lasts the rest of the day
You cannot taste the hot sauce at all.

btw I am not one for really hot, spicy food but this is a real keeper for me!