Huel+cold brew coffee

If anyone hasn’t tried this yet, it’s really good!
I pour about half a glass of cold brew coffee (made overnight in a caffetiere, stir in 1 scoop huel then top up with coffee.

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I’m definitely going to try this - Thanks! Now I just have to wait for my beans to be delivered!

Is that with unflavoured or vanilla Huel?
I remember I used to experiment with coffee and un-Huel. I had to add extra sugar though to make it drinkable. IIRC about 3 teaspoons for one shaker. Which kinda denies Huel’s low sugar benefits, yeah…

I’ve used both. Vanilla is definitely sweeter, but then I like strong black coffee, so unflavoured is fine for me.
Maybe try making the coffee weaker? Some of the online recipes for cold brew are very strong.
Or a natural sweetener like honey might make you feel less guilty.

@olihouston Awesome, I can’t wait to get my cold brew coffee going this summer! With yours do you make it in the cafetiere as per normal measurements then pour it out into another receptacle to stop it over steeping?

@Geby I guess it depends on how you like you coffee. If you like it black then using U/U Huel would be great I expect. I haven’t tried with U/U but love coffee with vanilla!

I generally just make enough to drink the next day, but you could store it in a jug if you wanted to leave it for longer. I also use roughly the same amount of coffee as I’d use for a hot coffee.

I will be definitely trying this.

Breakfast for me is 500ml with a heaped tablespoon of instant coffee and 3 scoops of Huel at 9am. Sets me up very nicely for the day, hunger doesn’t kick in until around 1pm


Sorry, conversation has slightly passed however I have more questions about your cold brew. Do you add coffee to cold water and leave it, as per this video on Jamie’s Drinks Tube or do you just make a cafetiere with hot water and let it cool?

If you use the former method, because it is very concentrated, do you then mix the cold brew with cold water/milk? Or just pour a mug of the concentrated stuff?


Not what you asked but today I poured a double espresso into my 3 scoops and it was great.