Huel Black Vanilla and Chocolate + Coffee = Winner

Likely been discussed many a time but I thought I’d give my 2 cents too.

Tesco’s cheap no 3 coffee in a Mokka pot gave out about 250ml coffee. (around 25g of coffee so doesn’t match the standard ratio but works well with my bialetti). I split this between two shakers and topped each up to 400ml.

In goes two scoops of vanilla into one and two scoops of chocolate into the other.

Chilled overnight and they’re both as delicious as ever with a decent caffeine kick too.

I think this will be my standard recipe from now on as it is really nice.

For giggles I’ll be 50/50 vanilla and chocolate. I’m also going to try a straight 400ml pour over Huel with the new beans I got.

Nom nom.



I make French press coffee, cool it and use for my Huel on midnight shift. Need the kick, like the taste with UU and chocolate v3

I love using Coffee in my shakes. Only my recipe is a double Espresso in both shakes. I have a Nespresso machine at home and I use their strongest crups. In the Vanilla one I also add some cinnamon.