First time user but where’s my T-shirt :(


I was really looking forward to my Huel package. Coincidentally it’s my birthday today and I was really excited to unbox it today since it just arrived but I got everything except the T-shirt. I also did order the natural 10 flavour boost which was £1.50 but have no idea why it didn’t show up on the check out. Guess I’ll be drinking vanilla and original without flavours :frowning: I’m a little sad but at least most of my package arrived


I accidentally didn’t get the flavour boosters in my first delivery either - I emailed them and they sent them out for free next day :slight_smile: so drop them a line
Also will be a mistake not getting a t-shirt, let them know and they will get it to you asap.

Happy Birthday BTW !!
If you need to flavour your Huel before your flavour samples come, try a couple spoons of instant coffee in the Original flavour - it is DELICIOUS!
Also adding cacao powder works really well with both the original and the vanilla flavour. You’ll probably find vanilla is pretty pleasant to drink as it is though. Make sure you fridge it for a couple hrs or overnight though, as it tastes way better :slight_smile:
Happy Huelling !


I’ll also tag @TimOfficialHuel as he can help


Happy birthday! :partying_face:


Sometimes the tshirt doesn’t get sent if you forget to specify a size. Not saying you did, but if you didn’t, that will be why…


I got my first delivery today and don’t particularly want the t shirt. Would you like me to post mine to you? It’s a ladies medium I think


Hey there, so sorry to see this. I’ve arranged for replacements to be sent out to you today. Hope you don’t take it personally, sure this was just an error. The t-shirt was in your basket but the Flavour Boost samples weren’t in your basket, not sure why, but they’re on their way to you.

A very happy birthday to you!



@TimOfficialHuel there’s a wierd issue with the flavour samples, where if you purchase a subscription as a newbie, there is the option to add the flavour samples to your basket but it doesnt actually add them. The only way to actually add them, is to add a one-off order (rather than a subscription) plus the flavour samples to your basket, then remove the one-off order from your basket, then add a subscription :rofl:
I did feed this back to Team Huel via email, but I don’t think they’ve fixed it yet as a friend had the same problem more recently.


Hey @sher_ree, just been in touch with the fulfilment team, what was your order number? We photograph every order before sealing it and the photo of the order associated with the email address you use here on the forum shows that it was included.

Perhaps you’ve used a different email this time? Or you have two people at the same house that have ordered Huel and the first time they ordered they used your email address?


Hey Tim thanks for your help and speedy reply.

I didn’t get any though and strangely my box was a bit torn up on the sides when I got it. Meant to attach the image earlier but the forum allows newbies to attach one picture only? I really didn’t get it and I don’t know why but I guess its fine then :frowning: Moreover, I’m very sure I added the flavour boost to my cart but i guess it didn’t show up. The problem might be similar to what Christina mentioned. Hopefully I can buy them the next time I order a pack if you guys can fix the issue? I thought I was the only one facing the problem… Thanks for the birthday wishes and happy new year!


I thought I was the only one facing this issue !!!


Thank you for the wish and the offer ! It’s completely fine. I’ll be alright :,) Really sweet of you to offer that !!!


Thanks for the tips and I’ll definitely try them out !! Thanks for the birthday wish too ! Really do appreciate your help ^^ have a great day ahead


Hello. I would like to make my first order, and as you are new too would you like to share your recommendations/ mention me referring with me?
Would be great to use a discount with first order, and you will benefit from that too.


Hey, that would be great! You can just enter my name at the check out. It’s Sher Ree Mun. You should be able to get a €10 off.


Great thanks! Done it :wink:
Here is mine if you would like to use it