Forgot to add t-shirt to my first order:(

I have just placed my very first Huel order and forgot to add the t-shirt to the basket as I was rushing to order by 7pm for next day delivery.

I’ve e-mailed Huel themselves but their offices are open till 5.

Do you think there’s a chance they’ll send out the t-shirt and shaker afterwards?

Kind of want the t-shirt it looks really cool!

I am sure they’ll sort you out…

I forgot to add the granola and sent them a message via Twitter and they sorted it all out for me no problems whatsoever

I thought they automatically sent you the shaker and t-shirt, I dont remember ordering them but still got them

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I think I recall there’s a “send me free stuff, this is my first order” tick box bicbw.

Hey there, thanks for the message! Our CS I’m sure will get back to you ASAP, but you needn’t worry. If this is your first order and you are UK based then our system will pick this up and our fulfilment team will automatically add a large t-shirt, plus a shaker and two scoops to your order. So panic not!

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