No t-shirt :-(

Yesterday I received my very first Huel start up pack order but didn’t receive the t-shirt. So disappointed! I’m not sure what went wrong. I’m pretty sure I ordered it as I picked a size/colour etc :frowning:

Did you get a shaker?
If you didn’t get a scoop, shaker and t-shirt, has anyone at your home address or email address ordered before?
If so, the computer automatically thinks you’re not a new customer.
But, if you email a nice human can sort you out with a starter pack :grin:


Yes everyone in my street has a new t-shirt and shaker…and for some reason I have enough Huel to last a year. Dunno what to do with all those £10 referral incentives though…they seem surplus to requirements. My eBay store is doing well though…those t-shirts sell like hot cakes.

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You might struggle to sell them now, according to another thread I’ve seen. Newbies get the new v2.1 and only one person seems to like them and he looks like a bit of a clown


LMMO I think.

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Yea I got a shaker and two scoops. Definitely first order from this address. I wonder if they’ve sent it separately, though I wouldn’t imagine so

It was probably just been missed from the box accidentally, as @ChristinaT said if you email they’ll most likely send one out to you.

They wouldn’t have sent it separately.

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Check the label on the inside of your box, there is a checklist there where they print what should be in the box and it gets ticked off and signed and photographed as it gets put in the box. So it will be easy for them to see you haven’t received it
Send them a photo of the label with your email


Well that is a win then. Good for them…and you.