No scoops or shaker


I wonder if someone could help, I placed my first order of huel on the 5th of March. I never received any scoops or shaker or even the free t-shirt. I emailed on the 7th and have still not had a reply. I’m currently weighing and using a nutrabullet cup. How do I go about getting these? My order no was 705596.


Hi @Clarabella
Has anyone ordered from your email or postal address before? If so, the system will assume you’re not a new customer.
Huel can sort it out for you tho and will send it out to you :slight_smile:
They have an unusually large back-log of emails at the mo, so might take a while to get back to you. I’d advise you don’t email again because their email system logs this as an ‘update’ and you lose your place in the queue.
If you still haven’t heard anything by next week you can message Olivia or Tim (Official Huel) here on the forum and they might be able to help


Yes my sister ordered from my address the week before me. I didn’t know that would have been an issue. Thank you for getting back to me and I’ll hang off on emailing again, and hold off until next week. :grinning:


I get around this issue by getting new orders delivered to neighbouring addresses. I get a referral discount and bung my obliging neighbours a fiver each time. Then I sell the excess t-shirts and shakers on eBay for about 15 quid…hope no-one is reading this and tries to emulate the model.


We all know you live on a derelict island and don’t have any neighbours @hunzas :wink:


True or not, some things don’t have to be said :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you could chat to …
they seem to have plenty


As ever, Christina has clocked this one! Sorry for any delay for our reply, I’ve no doubt they will sort you out with a t-shirt and shaker. The team are working their way through a hefty backlog but making great progress.

I thought it was just mugs?


Thank you for your response, hopefully it can get sorted out :grinning:


Start small and get bigger is my motto…I might grind up some oats and other stuff and flog it off as a meal replacement next…seems that’s where the money is. I’ll call it Hurl for search engine spellcheck reasons that makes the best sense. Will improve my SEO no-end.


Add some coconut flour and call it keto-hurl
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