Didn't receive starter pack

Hello all,

I didn’t receive my starter pack when I received my Huel. As in I didn’t get the shaker or t shirt. My boyfriend has ordered Huel to my address before but not with the starter pack. I decided to order some for myself and was so disappointed when I didn’t get one :frowning:

Please can a mod look at this and try to sort this out for me? I’m using the same email so if they can look at my previous order that would be great :slight_smile:

Did you contact customer support by email?

I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re both at the same address - drop an email to help@huel.com and I’ll also flag @Tim_Huel in as well.

Thanks for the advice, I did use the contact support through the normal site about a week ago but haven’t had a response. We don’t live at the same address he’s just ordered Huel to mine once or twice but his initial order wasn’t even to my house

Don’t worry Charlotte, it’s nothing personal, it’s just because you’ve been recognised as a repeat customer due to a past purchase to your address. This has come up a couple of times recently, I’ll be sure to make a note and talk to the team about how best to rewrite the script that flags these things up.

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