New first order but same address

Ive started using Huel today (after a very quick delivery) a friend of mine has shown an interest in trying huel but doesn’t want her parents knowing she is spending £50 a month on a “fad diet” she has asked if i will be happy to use my address for her package to be delivered to, im ok with it but i understand as my address is already being used, the system will flag that i have had an order and wont send her a free t-shirt or shaker
Is there a way round this or will she just have to bite the bullet and hope her parents dont answer the door to a big Huel box

(Once the order has arrived she will just be taking one bag home at a time and say i didnt like it she she is trying it… that way her parents wont ask many questions lol)

Shouldn’t be an issue. My wife now has switched to Huel and received her free T-shirt and shakers.

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Well firstly this is an extremely well thought out plan and fully appreciate the dedication to Huel here :raised_hands:

If the system removes her starter kit of the t-shirt, shaker, scoops and handbook we would be more than happy to get one sent out for her.

Just ask her to get in touch on our social channels or via email and we’ll get this sent out for her right away!

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Thanks for the information, ill let her know all is good and as soon as she has the money spare its on its way to you guys

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