TIME SENSITIVE! Gifting Huel for Xmas?

Hi all,

I want to give an older family member a bag of Huel for Christmas. However, I am unable to get the free shaker and t-shirt combo that would work very well for the gift. Is there any way to get those as part of the gift?


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Try emailing them directly and asking if they can add it to your order. If it’s an order to a new address, it shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s to your own address and you are just adding an extra bag to your own subscription you probably can’t add the freebies, but they sell them for not that many pennies…

You could just be super nice and set up a subscription for them to their own address!

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Try team@huel.com
They are very nice :slight_smile:
My friend needed to change her t-shirt size and powder flavour last minute and they obliged!
Maybe put ‘urgent!’ In the subject header lol it might catch someone’s attention, otherwise they can take 24-48hrs to get through their emails

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What size and colour t shirt do you want? I’ll send you a brand new shaker if you want.


It’s a Christmas miracle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Or MiracHuel :rofl::roll_eyes:


Jesus H Phil.

I didn’t think there were any wise men, even less so ones bearing gifts on the forum, my faith in humanity is restored.


Thread is so time sensitive OP hasn’t visited since…


troll I guess