I´m might be wrong, was expecting the Free Shaker and shirt

Hi there!

Do i’ve done something wrong? In every place the claim is clear:

“free shaker and free t-shirt with all first orders of Huel Powder”

Will be possible to know what had happen in my case? #4914-EU


This also happened to me. Contact customer service and they’ll send it out. I spoke with them yesterday and wondered if I selected the shirt size which would have included it with order.

I must’ve missed this in the order page.

I almost missed it too - I think it’s on the checkout page before your enter payment/confirm the order. You need to manually add it to the order.

Thanks mates! I probably miss it during the checkout process.

Sorry to hear that, just replied to a similar problem here. FYI, all EU orders ship from the same location.

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