Free t-shirt and mixer?

I did my first order of huel and had a free t-shirt and shaker in the order but its not in the box. Does it arrive seperatly?? My order had 2 bags of huel and 2 ganola boxes in it as well that arrived.

Should be in the box. Was there a sticker in the box showing what was in the box?

email and they’ll look into it (one day).

Its not on the sticker in the box but it is in my order history.

OK cool, that makes it easier for you then. If you mail them with your order ref. they should sort it.

Ok ive sent them an email. Hopefully they can get back to me.

Sorry to hear that, we’ll get it sorted ASAP I’m sure. Sometimes this happens if someone else in the household has ordered Huel to your house before! The starter kit is just for first time orders so if ‘the system’ thinks your order is a repeat then our team won’t add the t-shirt etc.

No hard feelings, we’ll get on it! Need you looking phresh for the weekend.

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