Missing Scoop and Shaker

Just received today my order of Huel Professional v2.3 (first order) and the shaker that was advertised was missing from the package as well as the scoop. How and when will I receive those?

It usually comes in with your first order, as long as no one has ordered from your postal or email address previously (and I think you have to tick the box to ask for a ‘starter pack’ ie T-shirt, shaker, scoops)

Easiest way to resolve it is to go on Live Chat (icon is in the bottom right hand corner of the order website) and ask them to send you your starter pack :slight_smile:
You could alternatively email them team@huel.com but the response may take a couple of days.

In the meantime, any protein shaker will do the job. Or mix in a jug / pan with a hand blender.
As for scooping, just use a spoon and weigh it. If you don’t have scales, ummmm someone on the forum may be able to help and give you an estimate of how many tablespoons to use or something

I think i did check the box since i received the t-shirt. I can’t seem to find a chat icon when visiting from Sweden.

Sure they will do the job, but it would be great to receive the full package from the first order :slight_smile:

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Oh that’s odd. Yes it’s obviously a mistake if you received the t-shirt.

Maybe there is no live chat on the Swedish site :frowning:

Okay maybe email them and they will send it to you, and in the meantime buy a protein shaker - they are so cheap to buy and actually you will be very glad to have two. Very handy to make more than one shake at a time and keep one in the fridge for later

Yeah it happens :slight_smile:

Will do, thank you!

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It also happened to me, I received my Huel Black today with a t-shirt, but no shaker or scoop.

If you are a new customer, you will receive a free T-shirt if your order contains 2x bags of Huel Powder (you will also receive a free shaker and scoop with your first order of Huel Powder), 2 boxes of Huel Ready-to-drink, or 2 boxes of Huel Bars.

Does that mean on your first order, you would also receive either the Huel read-to-drink or Huel Bars as samples?

No, it means you get a free shirt if you order any of those products.

Ah okay, makes sense now that I’m re-reading it :sweat_smile: