Received my first order YAY but no bottle

I received my first order today but have no scoop, T Shirt or Bottle, not sure what I did wrong. I love the taste of Huel and feel so full from it. Exiting times. :heart:

Did you tick the box saying it was your first order and select size of t-shirt?

I had same issue no bottle as well. Although enjoying my huel and will order more im a tad dissapointedmy bottle didnt materialize.

Just so you know, Lisa emailed me directly and this was all sorted out and a starter bundle was sent out on the 12th :smiley:

The Huel shakers are so inconvenient that you can take it as an environment-friendly act. The T-shirts are much nicer :slight_smile:

Sorry you don’t like the shakers, what do you find inconvenient about them? We think they are the most practical shakers out there.

Let`s say that in addition to Huel I have tried also complete food by your competitors - Queal, Nano, Jakefood, Mana, Joylent. Each of them provides a shaker and I must say that yours is unfortunately the worst. Which is really pity because among all these products, Huel is the most difficult to mix and requires largest amount of water.

The shaker

  1. Does not mix well - those that have a metal spring or ball mix simply better
  2. Is too small to mix a lunch portion at once - unfortunately here, most shakers are too small except the old Huel one and Mana
  3. is not tight enough - the screw is too narrow so one has to be very careful to check whether the cap is well locked before starting to shake - otherwise you just end up having huel on your t-shirt. Also, no chance to put mixed Huel into the backpack, it leaks.

We have tested this and just didn’t think that the ball made much difference, you could of course get your own if you did think this was better. But we think that this method below prevents the vast majority of clumping:

  • Add 400ml cold water first, then:
  • Add 3 level scoops of Huel
  • Blend or shake vigorously for 10 seconds
  • Then top up with approx. 170ml of cold water
  • Reshake

This double shaking method prevents all but the tiniest of lumps for me. Remember that the reason huel does have a tendency to clump is because we use oats for carbohydrates. We could use ingredients like maltodextrin to keep Huel silky smooth, but the nutritional compromise of these inferior carbohydrate sources wouldn’t be worth it in our eyes.

We have always used the same shaker. We did have a metal water bottle which you may be referring to? We did try to develop our own metal 1lt shaker but it took us a year to get a prototype and it still didn’t perform better than the Buchsteiner.

Is it coming unscrewed when you shaker? That’s really strange. Sometimes I thread the shaker wrong which means it isn’t sealed, this leads to a mess. But it doesn’t come unscrewed. If the spout is coming off whilst you shake, you should be putting your finger over the cap when you shake. See Tip #4

Sorry again that you were unsatisifed.

I do not question your choice of using oats for carbohydrates - I am happy that you are different and I have more choice. I just wanted to say that you should be more careful than your competitors to choose your shaker as your product is the most difficult to mix among all those I have already tried :wink:

Sorry, I wanted to say except the old Queal shaker, not Huel. This actually the shaker I use most frequently to mix Huel now. It is big, just maybe bit more difficult to clean because of the hole in the cap. They just changed the shaker recently so this older one is not available any more and the new one seems to be smaller.

When I do not close the screw very properly it is easy not have it firmly in the thread and just leaks liquid when being shaken. When I put already mixed Huel into my bacpack (just because I want to drink it as my breakfast during my train commute), I always end up having some Huel liquid in the backpack which is very annoying.

In general, I believe one needs two shakers. One for a home/office use, big enough to allow one to mix it comfortably (without the need to additional water later), and second, tight enough to be able to put it in my backpack and not being scared that it would pollute my documents;) As for me Huel is mainly a convenience meal, I prefer to use the same bottle for mixing and drinking as I want to minimize the amount of bottles that need to be washed-up.

That is my five cents.