Tastes great. Shaker dripped on my face. Bags could be improved

I got my first order today, which apart from the 1-week supply of Huel also included the standard shaker, the scoop, and the T-shirt.

So far I’ve just had one “large snack”, which I prepared by putting 2 scoops of Huel into about 450ml of water in the shaker and giving it a vigorous shake for about 15 seconds.

I drank it all in about 2 minutes as I was in a rush to leave the house. The taste was better than I expected and the few small lumps didn’t bother me at all.

The only negative part of the experience was when some of the Huel dripped onto my face from the arm part of the shaker, as I got towards the end. After shaking the solution, some of it remains in the section that covers the nozzle while the bottle is closed.

This is the first time I’ve ever used one of these shakers. I guess if I’d left it for some time, much (most?) of the liquid would have drained back down into the main bottle part and this wouldn’t have been an issue. Alternatively, I could have just unscrewed the lid and drank it straight out like that. But maybe there’s some other trick I missed?

Anyway, I look forward to actually replacing some full-size meals with Huel and seeing how I get on.

At this point my only other feedback is that the bags are a bit of a pain. There’s Huel powder even in the section above the press-seal, so even if you tear or cut it open very carefully above that line, there’s no way to avoid some of the Huel spilling out of a new pack. Also, having to clear the seal out with a knife or other flat object to get it to work is a bit of a hassle – I hope the packaging can be improved somehow in future.

yeah I did experience the same.

I stop the drip by flicking the nozzle a few times before opening it. speeds up the clearing process without letting the drink settle. Whatever you do don’t hold back the arm and forget why, letting go just sends Huel at high speed into your face and makes a bit of a mess!

What I do is carefully open the flip off lid, and lick/suck the inside of the cap to get the liquid out. No more drips.

Yes the seal get full of powder, run a knife along the groove, once gone the seal will work every time.

Did you put the powder or water in first?

I put the water in first.

I do the lick the nozzle lid thing too, I’m far too likely to end up with Huel in my hair otherwise.

The other thing I’ve done is buy a £2 cereal container (from Asda) to decant it into. Fits one bag of Huel just about perfectly, I think I bought it on day 2 as faffing with the seal on the bags was way more hassle than I wanted to deal with.

(Also, 3 weeks in - 2/3 Huel, one ‘normal’ meal per day - I’m down just over 3kg)

I use another shake type with a screw on top. I absolutely hate the ones with the clip top.
This kind of design:

I have got this one from Decathlon. Here’s a link to the UK-Decathlon.
Screw lids are much better.
They do not pop open by accident in your bag, they do not drip on your face.


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I just grab the shaker with the lid arm also in my hand so it’s held down along the back edge of the shaker. That means when drinking, the open part of the lid is facing towards the ceiling, and can’t drip on me.

I’m new around here, have only tried a sample pack so far (going to order again soon) but I feel compelled enough to ask: if I were to empty the whole bag into another container, how much capacity (litres) would I need?

I ask because I’ve had protein powder supplied in large bags before and I know they’re a real pain when you get towards the end! Using a large plastic or glass jar really helps. I’m aware (because I read in another thread) that Huel should be kept away from sunlight, so I’m sure I could find a suitable container if I know just how big it should be.

Also, about the shaker. I have shakers like that. I hold the bottle from the top and put my index finger across the middle of the flap, as if to hold it open. If anything were to drip off it, it would go on my finger.

3.5l seems to be the perfect size for a full 1.74kg bag

Awesome. Thank you! I’m gonna see what I can find on Amazon :smiley:

I bought a 5.4 litre food storer from ASDA and it came with a scoop. Can fit loads of Huel in there. Stops the issue of getting powder everywhere.

Yeah I found a lot like that on amazon but only one decent looking airtight cookie jar big enough. Having not seen it first-hand to know how big it actually is (I found two sites one of which says 3.4L and one says 3.6L), I’m not sure having powder filled up to the top of an airtight jar is a good idea as it might just poof up all over the place when opened.

There’s also the issue of storage space in my cramped kitchen. I might just get something like 2 litres and keep refilling it. That should help keep the bag seal clean as possible and I’d only have to close it once.