Huel arrived today! will post the advances!

HI. My name is David. i started yesterday to drink huel. i will give my feedback regarding the the product.
The taste is “unbelievable”. It tastes really good, no complaints at all. Maybe, a “little” less of sweetener. But really, it tastes very good.
The shaker works very good! you don’t need a blender and the lumps are MINIMAL, in fact they do not bother me at all!!! I love the feeling of the lumps because it almost like chewing oat flakes.
The bag, needs a solution, is difficult to close it.
i started to drink two shakes per day and a good lunch as well as two snacks(usually an apple ).
For me Huel is something i have been waiting for a long time, i wanted to eat vegan, i wanted something that had anything my body would need, something to transform eating in just satisfying a need and not a sacrifice. i love to eat normal foods but when i have time or when i want to share a meal with someone. So far i am only waiting to see how my body reacts to it. but apart from that i am loving it.

With the bag closure thing, try running a knife along the inside of the closure strip - during transit it tends to get all clogged up with the Huel powder, which makes the seal hard to close. Clearing that out should make it seal far more easily.

That said, the same trick doesn’t seem to work for the flavour pouches (at least for me!) - I’ve resorted to just rolling over the top of the bag and sealing with a bulldog clip.

David, glad your enjoying the taste and loving the general experience! I too enjoy the lumps, very much in the “embrace the lumps” category!

In regard to the sweetness, we do offer and Unsweetened & Unflavoured version of Huel. It’s not to everyone’s liking, it is quite earthy, but maybe try a sample? - just make sure you select Unsweetened & Unflavoured!

The bag is a problem we know about, the technique @Arno talks about works for me but we are working on a new bag design.

Keep us updated on here about your experiences!

Mine is arriving tomorrow, my Son Stephen is on it, and I told a guy at work about it and he ordered, now my turn … Do you think I can add Chia seeds to it? or no point … Thanks Lin

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Thank you Flynn! Feel free to add some Chia seeds, Huel has everything you need in terms of vitamins and minerals, but adding some shouldn’t cause any significant problems. I have read Chia seeds can lead to wind/bloating though.