My favourite powdered food

I’ve tried Joylent, Queal etc. And held off with Huel because I assumed it would taste bad because it’s the healthiest powdered food out there.

I was so pleased on tasting it - a nutty, delicious shake that is just plain enough not to get sick of. I love that it’s organic foodstuffs and I feel great from it akready. I know that I’ll be sticking with Huel now and so happy with the product. Great work guys’


@Sam_Raven thank you for so much for the feedback, you made my day :slight_smile:

No problem Julian!

I also run my own startup and I understand what it means for others to share in your passion.

Huel is hands down the best stuff I’ve tried. It makes me feel fantastic.

I was genuinely surprised that it tasted better than your competitors’ product too, as Huel’s main selling point seems to be that it’s healthy; I assumed taste would be sacrificed, I was wrong. So happy I can stay focused on work while enjoying delicious nutrition. I wish you guys huge success and I won’t be looking anywhere else for my day food any longer. Thanks for all the work that must go into making such a solid product. You’ve found a loyal customer in me and I’ll be recommending it to my co-workers!

Kind regards,


Great stuff @Sam_Raven - welcome to Huel :slight_smile:

@Sam_Raven, welcome to the forum.
Out of curiosity, are you having the vanilla or the unflavoured version?

Vanilla. Just ordered another week.

Might try plain next and add flavours.