Do not be afraid of the taste

So I have been wanting to try out Huel for a really long time. I did tons of research online, watched various videos and reviews.

The thing that came pretty often was that Huel does not taste good. This repelled me for a while and I was looking at other alternatives that supposedly taste better. But after some hesitation, I decided to go with Huel.

And I do not regret it a bit. Just drank my first shake (vanilla flavor). As a person who has drunk various protein shakes, BCAA’s and other powder-mixed-with-water supplements I must say, Huel tastes really good. This vanilla flavour reminds me of a homemade shake that I used to make: milk, oats and some protein powder. The texture of Huel also reminded me oat porridge, which I eat casually too. I have chocolate powder as well, haven’t tried it yet though.

So to sum it up: if anyone is in the same position as I was - don’t be afraid, risk it and try Huel, you might be pleasantly surprised like I was.



I’ve never had an issue with flavour, loved all of 3.0 so far.

Definitely try the mint chocolate, I’m addicted to it. Great flavour and very creamy in texture. Close to drinking mint chocolate ice cream after being left in the fridge overnight.

I have tasted some foul powder mixes before Huel. The only Huel so far that I found awful to taste was the berry powder mix. All others have been fine.

Yea I have tried and have had some absolutely disgusting shakes over the years which made me very reluctant to try Huel. I kept putting of purchasing huel because of that. I dont no if it was the soya I hated in the other shakes. I eventually took the plunge and purchased huel. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it and could also drink it. I have to take u&u mixed into other flavours but all the other flavours have been fine (not tried berry). :joy_cat: