What are the best testing Huel products/flavours?

Nutritional requirements? Budget? Absolutely none.

I like drinking a lot of my meals cause I’m lazy and eating food makes me tired, not to mention I’m usually not up during the day

Has anyone who’s tried multiple Huel products have any feedback on which tastes best? I’m going to Denmark for a few weeks, I usually live in Canada where Huel isn’t sold, and I’ve been curious to try it for a while…

Right now I drink Soylent RTD original (there’s a lack of flavours available in Canada, original is the easiest to mindlessly drink everyday), but I do like the powder with the flavour boosters as well

Thank you ;p

Personally, my favourites (for taste) are any of the v2 RTD flavours and in powders I tend to go for either Original or Black Edition Cinnamon.

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Thank you! I’ll check these options out (:

I’m a big Instant Meal fan personally but if you’re looking for something easy to carry and take away with you, deffo recommend the Iced coffee caramel RTD! :heart:


Good question, I really like the Mac and Cheeze meal plus the Banana and Cinnamon Swirl RTD! I would have said the Strawberry and Cream Black however, after awhile it got too sweet for me.


Original :heart_eyes:

And Black Vanilla is also decent.

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The Daily A-Z cans and banana Ready To Drink (RTD) bottles are my favourite Huel drinks for sure, with vanilla, berry and chocolate RTD coming up close. The A-Z cans especially are so refreshing – had a can every day for about 5 months and never got bored of them :cherries: They’re great pick-me-ups and from what I’ve heard, hangover cures too.

Powder wise, favourite is banana Black or White. Cookies & Cream and Chocolate are nice too, but I personally find they become a bit sickly if having either frequently. If you’re unhappy with the bittiness/powdery texture, either blend the powder with a banana or 2, or put it in the fridge overnight, and that’ll get you a MUCH smoother consistency. Blender with banana = pretty close to RTD.

Solid food wise that requires no prep, the chocolate caramel bars are the equivalent of Satan himself devising a product that would lure human desire as sinfully as possible. I could eat one after another of those fudgy, gooey beauties. Hiiiighly recommend, especially holding a bar in your hand for about 20 secs first for dat extra gooeyness…

The Spaghetti Carbonara Instant Meal is a really nice, quick and easy, creamy hot meal – only gotta microwave for a couple mins and then wait 5 mins – though other Instant Meal flavours are great too (Katsu Curry Noodles, Chicken & Mushroom, Pasta Bolognese, Sweet & Sour, Cajun Pasta). I wish I could have given you the original version of Mac & Cheeze – was so good.

Enjoy your trip!

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Black edition strawberry and cream
BE Cookies and Cream

Protein - banana

Ready to drink tried most but strawberry is best

A-Z cherry one is quality but not tried new ones.

They are best stuff for me. Used to like mint one but they changed it and just didnt like the update.

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Had question as everyone has different tastes. For me these are my repeat purchases after trying all or most of the range.

Black Edition - Banana
RTD - I buy both V1 and V2 mixes but favourites are: Banana, Cinnamon Swirl, Vanilla and Coffee
A-Z - Cherry
Katsu Curry Noodle Pots
Instant Meals - Mac & Cheeze, Cajun Pasta & Spaghetti Carbonara

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Which ones do you find best for a 100% diet?
What you mentioned seems to be very sweet.