Your top 3 Huel products (What's good and what's not)

Which are your top 3 Huel products and if you have any which would you avoid again!
For me Huel have a lot that I now buy on a regular bases but my top 3 would be

  1. RTD - Easy to take with you, satisfying to drink and can satisfy a little hunger with a multitude of great flavours that I always by the variety packs.
  2. Daily Greens - Easy to drink, best greens I have tasted and a great way to start the day.
  3. Instant Meals - Will fill me up for Lunch and taste great, been through all the flavours and whilst there are a couple I wouldn’t buy again (Tomato & Sweet and Sour) most I would happily eat again and again.

Ones I would never buy again

  1. INstant Meal Pots Fiery Chick’n Noodles - You can smell the spices before you open the box it’s that powerful, it’s hot but not in a vindaloo type hot, this makes the pot flavourless and unenjoyable. I feel im eating them for the sake of eating them without enjoying it. Have to say I really love the Katsu Curry though.
  2. Huel Complete Nutrition Bar - For me I just didn’t enjoy them, they taste okay I guess but every mouthful feels like a chore. They are so dense that I don’t enjoy eating them.

Not sure I can manage 3 of each but I’ll have a go.


  1. Standard Huel powder. Good value and nice. The only thing I wish they could improve is the taste when it’s freshly made. It’s much nicer after several hours but that makes it less convenient.

  2. Essential. As above but less nice and less optimal. But you can’t argue with the price.

  3. Feel like pure shit just want granola back


  1. Huel Black. It just tastes rotten.

Everything else is too expensive.

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  1. OG Flavour boosts - I still miss being able to have a SINGLE bag of Huel open but be able to enjoy 10 different flavours.
  2. Huel granola (sigh)
  3. Huel Black (in the bin with you @David)


  1. The one they claim isn’t made of chalk but definitely is.
  2. Instant meal sacks because I found it impossible to get a consistent meal.
  3. The new scoop, those indents in the handle.

I’ll also add RTD for both categories. Loved getting that when I was out and about, but it’s £3.80 in my local shop now.

Honourable mention to the product minimums. I don’t want to buy 12 of something to find out whether I like it or not.

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Huel Black : cinnamon, banana and salted caramel each mixed 50/50 with unflavoured
Huel white: original 50/50 with unflavoured
Greens - best out there in taste, texture and nutrients (for the money)
Banana RTD
Mac and cheese and carbonara meals
Watermelon and pineapple drink

Granola. Tasted of sawdust and chemicals
Old Huel bars dry and not a patch on the new ones - although I did enjoy them at first.
White berry, chocolate and coffee aramel
Fiery meal pot. All heat no flavour as mentioned by Martyn and also by my own review when I first received it.

Yeah more than 3 in each category but hard to choose just 3 or even one of each product


Gluten free U/u - unfortunately it has been discontinued…

  1. Original flavour “white” edition. Been my staple flavoured with raw cacao powder since I started buying Huel.

  2. The OG bars (rip :cry:). Yeah they aren’t luxurious but they do what they were intended to do IMO.

  3. RTD Vanilla then Chocolate. I’ve not generally been a big RTD user, only because I can make one myself for a fraction of the price but I’ve been consuming more of it lately.

  4. Daily Greens.

@David how has berry not made your list :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s years since I had Berry. Huel has had a couple of revisions since then, and maybe it’s no longer like being waterboarded with hummingbird vomit.



  1. Powders: BE Cinnamon & Original
  2. H&S: any of the pastas
  3. Greens: really taken to this one and worth the long distance sub.

Honorary mention: v2 RTD’s are an absolute favourite but not viable due to shipping and customs/Fedex bandits costs

Least Favourites:

  1. H&S: ‘grains versions’
  2. Chocolate or fruit flavoured powders – generally just taste a little synthetic
  3. Granola: tried to like it, but it’s mercy killing was necessary and long overdue
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  1. Black, all flavours except the pricey ones
  2. Essential, esp. chocolate
  3. v3.1


  1. RTD, really good, but I prefer powder.
  2. H&S, ditto.
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  1. Huel black Strawberry/cookies and cream.

  2. Huel protein banana

  3. Cherry/raspberry cans


  1. Greens, i refuse to believe anyone likes the taste of this and is lying when they say otherwise. Also had a problem with it 3/4 time had it with a toliet issue.

  2. Erm huel white mint choc. Only putting this down as they changed it and i had to take off my order and was push now. Was good before.

  3. N/a

I do like bottled white stuff but wouldnt make my top 3 due to cost.

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1/ Ordinary UU
2/ Black UU


1/ Greens tastes absolutely disgusting because of stevia.

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