Comparing Huel with so called best shakes on the planet

Protein powders:

I never had protein powder before trying huel first time in my life so ever.
I tried different flavoring and types (vegan and whey) of the protein to check what suits best for me and my digestion system.

With the huel I tried Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Strawberries & Cream from complete protein range. While from other brand I tried Mango flavor in vegan and Strawberry in whey.
Although the other brand had more protein grams per serving (~4g more per 29g) and a little low in carbs, I find the huel a cut above it in terms of flavoring, taste and specifically feeling satisfied after consuming it. The flavoring on the other brand felt quite unnatural and it just did not felt right in the throat.

(Although I still don’t know what are those orange particle in the huel complete protein that I have to chew XD)

Savory meals:

I did not tried the same flowerings as I like food mostly with the tomato base, I tried H&S Indian Curry/Madras curry, Pasta Bolognese, Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta while on other brand I tried cheeky tikka masala and Korean noodles.

I find the quality, nutrition values and preparation were almost similar. If I had to select one from Indian/Madras curry from huel and tikka masala from other brand, I would select tikka masala due to flavoring only. And on other hand if I have to make choice from mix of Pasts Bolognese + Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta and Korean noodles, I will go with the pasta just because it taste good when it is Al dente

Pricing were surprisingly lower per servings for the protein powder of the other brand when you order a large quantity and when you order in offer time (Upto half of the cost of huel)
Pricing for the Savory meals were 0.5c less per meal when you order during the offer and upto 1.5£ when you order with combination offer.

turmeric that has clumped together.

It doesn’t taste like it when I try it :sweat_smile:

its been asked on several threads in the past and the Huel team have confirmed thats what it is and that its fine to eat.


Ah I remember lycopene :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still holding out for @JamesCollier to bring back Kelp.

Cod kelp us

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