Need your honest opinion on Huel!

Hi everyone!

I found out about this Huel brand and wanted to know what you guys honestly think of it, of its products. Last time I used these type of shakes was with MyProtein and before that with Protein World. How does Huel compare with these 2 brands? I didn’t feel anything different with those shakes, so from then onwards I kept my skeptic shield up at all times. So, be honest and let me know if Huel are better or not and if they’re better, how so? I might give them a try if you guys manage to convince me ha ha. If I do end up using Huel, it’ll be primarily for weight loss.

Thanks a lot guys! Be safe!

Is an interesting thing to say. What were you expecting you might feel?

People here often say Huel is just food. So it’s convenient, healthy food with other benefits. It has a very low glycemic index so you are not spiking after a big meal and then crashing. But, at the end of the day, it’s food. So if you stick to a total calorie consumption that is less than you use then you will lose weight. But that goes for any food.

Like they always say ‘For best results use as part of a calorie controlled diet’.