Huel vs Isagenix

Hi all
Last year I used protein shakes for the first time in my life, mainly because I wanted more energy, better sleep and to feel healthier and food just wasn’t quite working well enough.

I opted for Isagenix and it was brilliant, I felt amazing and am ready to continue on their programme however I have been reading up on various types of protein and whey etc and wonder if they are the right option.

I am not interested particularly in losing weight, I like the shakes to replace breakfast as I usually skip it due to work, family and time.
I probably consumed more calories using the shakes than when I eat normal food and I think this is a big factor in how I feel as obviously my body enjoys the higher calorie intake. I know isagenix shakes are high in fat and this is not something I am hugely worried about but I am worried about the GMO and want a safe product that doesn’t maybe contribute to other health problems.

Any words of advice welcomed.

So are you looking for a recommendation for a healthy protein shake to have alongside Huel?

More wondering if Huel would be a better option to replace breakfast than the Isagenix shakes

I don’t know what goes into Isagenix as their website is down, so if I had to bet I’d go with Huel being the healthier option but I’m guessing really :slight_smile:

I don’t have breakfast personally. I used to, up until some point in my mid-30’s, as I thought it was mega important. I’ve since come to realise it isn’t, and just have water for breakfast, then maybe a black coffee around 10am and my first meal at noon.