Huel vs Joylent: Yuck!

OK so here I am waiting for the salty fluoride issue to be addressed and I ordered 150 Joylent bars (which are pretty good but nutritionally sub par) plus a bag of all the flavors of the Joylent vegan powders (which honestly cannot drink as is). The flavors are OK but the grittiness is totally, totally unbearable.

On a positive note though I mix 2 parts Huel and 1 part Joylent and in this way it combines the best of both worlds (Huel texture + Joylent flavor + overall lowered price). Also the Joylent bags are of high quality and at about 30% the volume of Huel’s they are good for takeaway meals.

The salty fluoride and the Huel bar need to be addressed asap. Joylent only useful as cheap flavor pack.

// Marcus I copied yours topic title style because I believe that we’re in the same waiting-for-V2.1 ballpark.

I bought both Joylent and Huel. Here are my opinions and comparrisons, using the same amount in weight of each in the same amount of water. Both same flavour, vanilla.

Joylent - easy to mix and lump free. Huel - not easy to mix and has lumps (for lump free just use a blender)
Joylent - more runny consistency. Huel - much thicker consistency
Joylent - more sugar and more starch, much less protien and less fats. Huel - much more protien, more fats and much less sugar and less starch.
Joylent - not tasty. Huel - very tasty.
Joylent - not filling, felt full for about an hour only. Huel - very filling and satisfying. Felt full and fed for about 3 hours.
Joylent - slightly chalky aftertaste due to oats. Huel - slightly chalky aftertaste due to oats (both Joylent and Huel have that)
Joylent - slightly cheaper. Huel - slightly more expensive.

That’s my opinion and my experience. All welcome to comment.


I would disagree only to the “much less protein” and “slightly cheaper”.

Joylent has 26g of protein per 100g of powder while Huel containes 30g/100g. Not so significant imho.

Assuming shipping a subscription of 16 bags in Greece Huel costs 1.6€ per 500kcal and Joylent maxed out non-subscrition shipment 1.25€ per 500kcal. Quite significant imho. I imagine that for UK residents the difference could be negligible though.

Anyway, Huel is much better in almost every way so I’m just wating for the salty fluoride issue to be addressed before resuming my subscription.

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Thanks bogin.
I don’t get any salty flouride taste? Really, I mean that. No salty flouride taste at all. I guess everyone’s taste buds are different.
I bought the vegan Joylent, not the regular, and the protien is much lower that Huel on the vegan one. I’ve finished the Joylent now, and wish I’d kept the empties and the paperwork, so I could state the exact details now, but it doesn’t matter that much :slight_smile:

I misread it at first and thought it was the same title as mine but with a different discussion in it. I briefly through something had gone wrong, either with the forum or with my brain :grinning: