First thoughts from a Joylenter

So I’ve had two meals of Huel so far. Here are my thoughts, if anyone cares:

  • It’s delicious! I can see hoe some people might find it too sweet, and I wouldn’t mind a less sweet version, but I don’t have a problem with the taste. It’s a lot better than Joylent. The sweet vanilla taste and the little bits of seed makes it taste just like stracciatella ice cream.
  • It’s expensive! It’s significantly more expensive than Joylent. If it cost as much, I’d switch in a heartbeat. As it stands, I might do every other order as Huel and every other order of Joylent. I’ll see how it goes.
  • It’s healthy! It feels better to be on Huel than Joylent. There’s no maltodextrin and no soy, which are things I’ve been worrying about. I’ve had issues with going 100% Joylent, getting a subtle general feeling of not working at full capacity. So I’ve been supplementing with meals. I’m gonna try going 100% Huel and see how that feels, but I have high expectations. It feels more “foody” and I expect to feel better from it.
  • It’s inconvenient! Ok, it’s a lot more convenient than cooking, but the large bags aren’t as convenient as the 2,000-kcal Joylent bags, but I get that it makes it easier to tailor to one’s needs. I find 2,000 kcals just about right for me, and the scoop size doesn’t make this easy to divide into three equal meals. On the other hand, I’m thinking of trying 1,800 kcals/day instead, and that would work really well with the Joylent scoop I have (which is 90 ml instead of 70, so pretty much exactly 200 kcal).

And that’s pretty much it, so far. I’m really liking Huel at the moment, but I’m very … budget-conscious at the moment, so the cost will need to be factored in. I might try the Un-Huel, too, in the future, to see how that flies. At any rate, I’m very excited to bring this to the gym and office tomorrow. Keep up the good work, Huel!

HI @Ari

Thanks for the feedback - glad you’re enjoying Huel and all comments are noted.

I always consider Huel cheap. That is it’s much cheaper than it used to cost me to do the weekly food shop from a supermarket. OK, included a lot of convenience foods. But Huel is a convenience food too.

So I was interested to hear that Joylent was cheaper. So I did a comparison. It assumes delivery to the UK, and uses today’s exchange rate.

Please do check it, in case I’ve made a mistake.

The price difference doesn’t really concern me. I tend to think that you get what you pay for. And Huel does sound more like “real” food.

I consider Joylent cheaper than eating out, but not cheaper than cooking for yourself. This still goes for Huel, but it moves farther from “cooking for yourself”. I usually don’t think you get what you pay for, but of course for some products that’s true. (And I’m into investing in mutual funds, where the saying is “you get what you don’t pay for”!)

So I get that the heavier price tag is warranted. As I said, I do realize that Huel is a better product. But in the end, more money is more money, and every penny I spend on this is a penny I can’t spend on something else. Oh, and since I’m in Sweden and not the UK, shipping rates add a bit more to your calculations for me.

“It feels better to be on Huel than Joylent”

Long term joylent user here and I’d echo that. I felt good on joylent, but I feel fantastic on huel. Joylent seemed to give me enwrfy spikes when i drank it but things feel much more levelled out on huel, more like eating normally.

So, price isn’t an issue for me. I do miss the one pouch a day thing, but it’s nice to cut down on waste even more and once I get some scales it won’t be an issue.

I never had issues with energy levels. I only eat between 6 and 11 AM (five hour windown) and then fast the rest of the day, so my body has learned to regulate blood sugar well, I suppose. I just had a very slight feeling of not working at full capacity when I was on 100% Joylent for more than a few days. It might have been psychosomatic, though. I’ll see if I can feel it when going 100% Huel this week.

As you are in Sweden somebody should wish you Gud Huel (sorry couldn’t resist)

Thank you! I actually already made this joke today at work. My colleague was commenting on how he’s wearing a “jultröja” (Christmas shirt) and I responded by pointing out I was wearing a “Hueltröja” (Huel shirt). And there was much laughter and merriment.