Joylent Vs HUEL

Well, I was going to write up a comprehensive review of Joylent compared to HUEL.

Behind the scenes, I had ordered a weeks worth of Joylent (guilty) as I was interested by the different flavours, similar promise (all your requirements in a bag) and most importantly, the lower price.

After being on a HUEL only diet for a week, I had decided to switch straight over to Joylent for a week and make notes and just compare the two products - how exciting my life is right now…!

I ordered my Joylent pack sometime last week and received it yesterday, quick shipping, neat little box and great effort on the flavour packs, it all looked good and I couldn’t wait to tuck in to my new alternatively flavoured powders.

I don’t really know how to put this across in a polite or eloquent way so I’ll just come out and say it; I found it disgusting.
I opted for the Banana flavour first. I couldn’t get past the second chug - I never knew I had a gag reflex until this morning…

I didn’t want the majority of the shake to go to waste, so I added two generous scoops of my strongest Choc-Mint protein powders to the mix just to make it slightly palatable.
The other flavours, same deal.
I’ve still got a rancid taste in my mouth so I’m on black coffee until it goes!

Just makes me realise how good HUEL have got their flavour on point.
I’ve had dozens of different powders and shakes, it’s rare to get one with a genuinely good flavour but HEUL has nailed it.

So, in a nut-shell, Joylent is a no-go (for me) and HUEL will be banking my cash on a regular basis.

P.S. If anyone wants 6.5 days of Joylent, fill 'yer boots - I’ve already packed it up ready to go - but don’t expect to like it!


Great to hear your Huel experience is so positive. In respect of flavours, our new flavour sachets will be out in just a few days.

Hi @Tom_Leppard thank you for sharing. It’s great to hear that Huel has got the “flavour on point”. Plus our nutritional are better too. More protein, more fibre, lower GI.

I actually tried Joylent before Huel. First time I tried Joylent I didn’t like the chalky feeling it left in my throat and I also thought the taste was to weak. But after using a months worth I got used to it and actually liked it and looked forward to the next meal. The downside with Joylent for me was that I got heartburn from it, I don’t know if it was the consistency of the powder or if it was from the ingredients… Also I don’t like the the fact that the original Joylent contains whey protein (milk) and maltodextrin. I have not tried the new Vegan version though, but it contains soy, which I don’t like.

Therefor I think Huel is better, but I would prefer a Huel version with less protein and more carbs. But that’s only me…

But hey, if you really want to give that Joylent away - I really would like it, I will pay the shipping of course. I kind of miss the flavours a bit. But I still like Huel more because of it’s contents! E-mail me:

Cheers @JamesCollier & @Julian
Great to know the flavour packs are now out and I’ll be selecting a couple with my next Huel order.

@Lohoffsson I’ll send you an email this evening with estimated postage costs.

I have today received a shipment of vegan Joylent, and can confirm that it also tastes awful.

I’m going back to Huel ASAP!

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