Umteenth 'first impressions' thread

Hi all, just thought I’d chip in. I’m someone who has been using Joylent only semi-successfully in the past few months.

FYI: I’m using Vanilla Huel. Aiming for 2/3 meals per day, although I’ve also done one 100% Huel day.

  • LOVE the texture. I’m quite lazy, so I’m just as happy with a few lumps here and there rather than go to the effort to blend. It feels more like ‘food’. Mixer balls help a great deal, might be worth bundling those in for new users rather than the rubbish plastic grid.
  • Love the flavour when consuming but the subtle aftertaste is a little strange - similar to what I experience with soymilk, can’t quite describe it but it’s bordering on a metallic/chemically taste - not enough to be an issue at all though.
  • Feeling more satiated than with Joylent, less of an ‘empty’ feeling after consuming.
  • Happier with the macronutrient profile and lack of maltodextrin.
  • Happy to be supporting a UK start-up!
  • Packaging needs improvement. Really isn’t convenient to me to have the big bags for a couple of reasons. One is they’re slightly awkward for me to store (shared kitchen, keep it in the cereal cupboard!), secondly when you’re running low in a bag, you have to reach in further and end up with Huel dust everywhere. Plus closing the bags is a nightmare, even after running a knife edge through the seal a few times. Personally I’d be happier with either daily portion bags like with Joylent and/or a ziploc style seal.

I might just re-use a protein shake plastic container to dump the bags into. It’s not a deal breaker, but the only obvious annoyance in comparison with one of your competitors.

I’m quite overweight at the moment, and I’m using the liquid food replacement concept to help calorie control without sacrificing nutrition. I found Joylent just wasn’t hitting the mark with satiating me, so I think I’m going to be happy to adopt Huel instead. The mouthfeel is more rustic, oaty and feels like I’m eating actual food in a different form, rather than a strange grittyness with Joylent (or slimyness if you’ve let JL soak overnight).

Very impressed so far, I hope it can help me reach my goals.


Thanks for the feedback - glad you’re getting on well.