Just ordered the Huel

Just ordered the huel, I will be posting here my experiences.

I had experiences with joylent before but it was very bad probably because of soy. I will see how long I can go on Huel and share everything here so maybe it will improve next Huel versions.

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Okay, here goes my first review. I unpacked it like right now and sipping huel.

First the package of the huel, opening can be issue but I don’t care. Package is like 6/10
Shaker is decent the biggest minus is that is without steel ball and I cannot shake it well as I see there is still unsolved powder on the bottom of the shaker.

but this is two things, the rest is so to speak perfect, or much better then joylent, for sure. It’s seems much better and feel better with oats, so i will stick to that and let’s see what happen. :smile:

A lot of cluster appears now even with having shaker with ball inside, besides mixer there is any way to overcome it?

@Sangye_Drime I have bought a £20 blender from amazon which is worth the investment if the shaker isn’t working for you :smile:

I know what you talking about and which blender, I will buy it too, that what I was thinking off.

btw. Huel actually going great, have a bit side effect (I doing 100% straight, only water and huel to see how it goes with my body) have alitttle pain in one kidney today but I thiink it’s kind of detox? I feel good and feeling like eating regularly meals, nothing spectacular happening besides spike of pain here and there.

It would be great to have Keto Huel, that would be interesting.

I poured my Huel on top of the water as suggested by Julian, and mixed in a Blender Bottle Sportmixer. This bottle has rounded edges at the bottom; nothing got stuck anywhere and the drink was smooth. It will also help to mix your morning drink the night before and keep it in the fridge. The taste and texture will be slightly different compared to a freshly mixed batch, but the lumps will dissolve on their own and a little extra shake will blend whatever’s left.

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