OK so my Huel order has been delivered today, I’ve received my T-Shirt, Shaker, X9 flavour samples and X2 pouches of Vanilla Huel.
What I was expecting - Not a nice taste, funny odour and thick gloopy mix. WRONG!!

Once opened I had a smell, it smelled OK then I mixed up 500ml water with X3 scoops of huel, I blended it my nutribullet (works extremely well with Huel) and poured it into the shaker. Next the taste? Very pleasantly surprised, it tastes quiet nice and in my opinion not unlike Readybrek or porridge. Overall I’ve been very impressed on my first Huel shake and fully intend to include it in my daily diet. I’m trying to loose weight so here goes on my Huel journey! Well done Huel you’ve got me sold on it.


As a kid ready brek was my go to breakfast. Huel isn’t quite as nice tasting as that unfortunately, but still a good replacement. I used to have ready break with maple syrup…and it’s good with the Myprotein sugar free maple syrup flavour. Maybe Huel needs to release a maple syrup flavour pack. That would be a winner I reckon.

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I’ve seen the myprotien syrup and yes totally agree with you.

Agreed! Readybrek. That’s how I describe it to people in my office when they turn their nose up at my Huel.

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Now going into my 5th day using Huel. Slight weight loss so far, start weight was 17st 2lb which fluctuated between 17st 2lb & 17st 1lb. I’ve had a little relapse yesterday and ate like a starved pig lol but today’s weigh in was at 17st 1lb.

No real side affects as such, no flatulence or stomach cramps like other users have reported, but maybe slightly looser stools. I’m putting this down to being on a mainly liquid diet? So for the coming week I’m going to be stricter on myself with this diet and have 2 shakes per day at 500 calories each and a healthy snack type meal in the evening. Hopefully my weigh in at the end of the week will be more substantial. I’m aiming for a weight of 16st 12lb by Friday. Fingers crossed :grin:

Weigh in today!!
I’ve been on Huel for 9 days now. Starting weight was 17st 2lb - Today its 16st 11lb :smiley: I’m using mynetdiary to keep count on my calorie intake and using Huel makes it even easier!
Daily calorie intake is 1,900 (Extremely reduced) with the very occasional relapse (I’m only Human :joy:)

Thank you Huel where have you been all my life???
X2 shakes per day - Breakfast & Lunch.
And not a total 100% healthy meal but carefully monitored evening meal. Weight loss is heading in the right direction and not sneaking back up!