Cracked Huel shaker

Hey fellow huelers! My first order arrived on Wednesday and my first impressions (only tried the vanilla powder so far) are great! I’ve really liked the taste, consistency etc of my first few Huel meals. Unfortunately I discovered this afternoon my shaker has a crack at the bottom and water was leaking out of it! I haven’t used it in the dishwasher, only handwashed. I think it must have been when I put my bag down or something, it’s the only thing I can think! I was just wondering whether this had happened to other people or if it was a one off? Also do you use other shakers as alternatives to the free one supplied? For example I’ve see stainless steel ones available on line that might be longer lasting, any opinions on this would be great!
But don’t worry I’m still a fan of Huel, just won’t be able to have any until I order a new shaker (might order a couple) :’)

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Exactly the same shaker, £4

How about this one? £3.69 with a mixer ball:

I use these…of which I have 3…they mix the Huel very well if you need to, but I just put in the liquid, add the Huel, give it a quick stir, and then shake it just a couple of times…and it is perfect…few small lumps which I like, but a more vigorous 20 second shake and no lumps.

I use my Joylent shaker for most meals from Joylent and Queel (my first Huel is being shipped at the moment). It has a metal ball and i prefer this over the ones with a plastic grater (though i understand this is just to block ice). I JUST posted about metal shakers today:

Reflex Shaker Stainless Steel 700ml 24oz
Phd Stainless Steel 700ml 24oz
Fit & Fresh CleanTek 770ml 26oz

Since a metal coiled ball inside a metal shaker might scratch it I got the idea to buy food grade silicone beads. I found them and apparently they are being used to help infants with teething.
Large silicone beads on Etsy

Haha, exactly the same thing has happened to my shaker.

Hey there, sorry to hear this. I’ve got another one on the way to you :blush: Let us know when you receive it!

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I had you down as anti-Amazon.


Blimey, and that was directly after I posted a link to another product on Amazon. I’ve been cut off in my Prime, and shown to be a fake LOL


It’s more a case of pot and kettle I think! I absolutely loathe Amazon as a company, from what I understand Jeff Bezos gets staggeringly richer by the day while his employees are on minimum wage and work in warehouses so big many don’t have time to get to the toilet and back in the alloted breaks as they are so far away. I try not to buy from them, but sometimes it seems like it’s the only way of getting hold of certain things. I know I bought something from them a couple of months back and was racked/wracked (sp?) with guilt for days. Unlike Bezos who is no doubt wrapped in gilt!!!


Yes, I am guilty as charged, and think the same as you, but sometimes needs must LOL [Even if its not really funny.]…but hey nearly everyone has skewed morals when it suits them. I am a vegan…but I buy stuff from non-vegan stores: like Tesco. I have never and will never buy from McDonalds - even when the McVegan comes to town. I never buy from Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Mars or even Unilever (who make most of the popular vegan ice cream - Ben & Jerrys, Swedish Glace, Cornetto etc), but I did recently buy Halo vegan ice cream (from Tesco), and they are primarily a dairy ice cream manufacturer.

Agreed, the Unilever thing is the most annoying since they took over Swedish Glace icecream. I’m sure going back a few years they didn’t own Swedish Glace. Or maybe I just wasn’t awareally of it. I agree it is very difficult as an ethical vegan, you do the best you can, in the face of others who delight in pointing out how x y and z aren’t really vegan for this or that reason. I read an article saying that bananas aren’t really vegan, and stopped worrying too much after that.

No, I actually tried Swedish Glace just before it launched in UK…and loved it…it was not owned by Unilever back then; many good things get bought by the big players when successful alas.

I’m not sure if your comment was or wasn’t a reply to mine, but if it was then wow, thank you!! :smiley:

I don’t think it probably was.

Sorry for not hitting ‘reply’, it absolutely was in reply to you! @hunzas is not getting a new shaker after two years waiting, sorry mate :raised_hand:


When someone mentioned on another thread that Huel didn’t agree with them, I thought they were talking about the product. Maybe they were talking about the staff. :wink:


My dog has destroyed 3 of my huel shakers. Please could you send me a replacement dog?


I could swap it for 2 cats, both Huel branded…well I used a soldering iron to write Huel on their foreheads, but near enough


It’s a deal. Here’s a pic so you know what you’re getting…20160320_141942

He will eat you out of house, home, pot noodles and Huel shakers. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

PS, of course you won’t need to worry about the pot Noodle part, as they’re owned by Unilever.