Incredibly disappointed with the shaker bottle. Utterly ruined my first experience of Huel

As you can see from the pictures below, I used the Huel Shaker Bottle to prepare my first ever Huel sample. I added 600ml of water, with the 100g sample, and shook vigorously for 20 seconds. Probably longer actually, as I really wanted to avoid lumps, ironically. Even after sieving it (as in the second photo) you can see it is still ridiculously lumpy (the last photo). It’s a huge disappointment, as I was so excited to finally try Huel.

It’s frustrating, because the taste is lovely (I had the Vanilla one), and I could definitely see myself drinking it, were it the right consistency. However, this experience has put me off so much, that I’m now even more hesitant (on a student budget, too) to drop the £45 for the 28 meals. I suppose I could buy a blender (also on a student budget) and get another sample pack to give it another shot, but the bottom line is that I shouldn’t need to in the first place.

It’s not that your shaker was poor, it’s just huel really requires a blender.

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It was poor in the sense that it was supposed to blend it, and it hardly blended it at all. I wouldn’t mind too much if it was just not a totally smooth texture, but this left so many lumps of actual power, as you can see. In no one’s book does that class as ‘mixed’. As I say, I’m looking into blenders because, if nothing else, trying it assuaged my fears about not liking the taste.

I use a blender but jave used the shaker on a few occasions without a ball in it and never had a lumpy shake. There seem to be some bad batches around that are spoiling the experience for some. Stick with it and get another batch.


Yeah, I don’t want one bad experience to taint my overall impression, but it’s difficult when it’s a first impression. And now I’m stuck between:

  1. Getting another sample and trying the shaker bottle again, but that could just turn out the same, and it’s more money wasted
  2. Getting another sample and a blender and trying it that way, but that’s a lot of money to spend if I realise I don’t like the texture even when it’s properly blended

If I got another sample, would that also mean I couldn’t get the £4 off and/or free shirt/shaker (not that I’d want the shaker) if I decided to buy a 28 pack after buying a second sample?

You just have to shake it more.

Put the water in first, then the Huel, grab it with 2 hands and shake it like theres no tomorrow! =]

I have never seen lumps like that before.

I use a blender bottle that has got a a ball type whisk that rattles about as you shake. Maybe try one of them, probably a tenner or so to buy.


I use the shaker pretty much exclusively, I get maybe one lump every 3/4 mixes, it’s nothing like your picture. A few suggestions:

  1. Don’t leave that mesh in while shaking, it just acts as surface for lumps to start forming on. Only use it after shaking if you have ice in your drink to stop it blocking the spout.
  2. Water then huel, and put huel in relatively gently/quickly. Until you’re shaking any huel that is touching water is slowly absorbing it and forming a paste, so start shaking as soon as possible.
  3. Long arm movements while shaking. I you look at the inside of the lid you’ll see a spiral shape that gets the water moving around more. Get the mix hitting the lid with a bit of force for that to work best. Keep the bottle the right way up though, don’t turn it over have the lid pop off and blame me for a messy carpet :worried:

Buying any more samples sounds like a waste of money if you know you like the taste and the idea. You’ll get much smoother mixes with a couple more tries.


No innuendo intended but it’s your shaking technique! I never get lumps and I used a blender twice and couldn’t even tell the difference. Already mentioned above but my style is pretty much the same:

  1. Leave out the ice mesh.
  2. Pour in 450ml of water.
  3. Pour in 90g of Huel.
  4. Put lid on and shake violently for 10 seconds.
  5. Open the lid and put in ice and then the ice mesh.

A few things about Huel have to be perfected, like how much Huel, the ratio of Huel to water. Stick with it and after a while you’ll settle into something which works.

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The texture is like milkshake, nice and smooth. I’ve been on Huel since June and not had a lumpy one yet, V1.2 and V2.0. If you like the taste you will like the texture once you’ve sussed it.

In case it helps, I add 400ml water, 2 scoops of Huel, I do leave the mesh in and I shake the shaker for a count of 60: been perfect every time. I suspect 60 seconds is overkill but having seen your pics, I’m gonna stick with it! If I add other stuff (turmeric, cinnamon and creatine) then I chuck a shaker ball in as well: again, probably unnecessary but it works. Hope you get it sorted.

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It just needs a bit less water at first to keep some space available for the mix to gain momentum before hitting the walls of the shaker. Mess, ball and stuff make virtually no difference compared to available space. Put 400ml and powder, shake hard for 6-8 secs and if you want more water you can pour it in the end with an extra mild shake. Just keep some space for the mix to mix itself. It’s that simple.

You put too much water in.

Our general advice is 500ml then add 100g of Huel and that should work.

Remember to shake hard. Or even better use a blender.

If you are still having trouble try this…

400ml cold water

  • 3 scoops of Huel
  • three ice cubes (optional)
  • a teaspoon of coffee granules (optional)
  • blend or use a shaker
  • top up via the spout with another 200ml of water and re-shake
    v nice.

I’ve been using Huel for a couple of weeks and really like the shaker - I’ve never had a problem with lumps and I don’t find the need to blend.

One thing that might become an issue is the printed logo comes off with the slightest of scratch (I caught it and pulled off a chunk of the print).

Design of the actual shaker though is the best I’ve had from a few different brands.


I got my free sample of huel just before the weekend…,

I shot to Sainsbury’s on my way to work and picked up a maxi muscle shaker for a fiver the one with an ice grid in it and mixed it as per the instructions in a crappy kitchen at work where we do training.

550ml of water in the shaker first then the whole 100ml sample in on top (it sat there) so I mixed it in with a spoon for about three seconds popped the lid on and left the ice grid thingy in and shook it about 5 times threw it in the fridge and left it I came back 2 hours later it was still smooth and really enjoyable wierd you experienced massive lumps

my experience made me order a whole bag

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I shake it in the bottle. I have done for the past 4 months and I’ve never experienced any lumps of that size. I use 500ml and 122g of Huel. I shake it vigorously for at least ten seconds and I’m happy with the result.

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I’ve never had a problem with using the shaker and have never had lumps like that. The only time I blend is if I add frozen fuit x Maybe too much water?

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Dunno what you’re doing wrong / different but I mix up huel 3 times a day, in the shaker, and never have any lumps at all.

I fill the shaker about half way, dump in 4 scoops, put the grill back on, lid back on, fill the rest with water then shake for 20 seconds. Jobs done.

No need to ever blend it. I’m drinking one now and it’s as smooth as a Macdonald’s milkshake!

Oh and you don’t need any space in there either I fill it to the brim.


Mm… i use three scoops, 400ml of water, using the shaker, no lumps… i put the water in first, then put in the scoops, then put on the ice strainer (which actually helps beat out the lumps) then give it 20+ seconds on full speed right arm.

if you stir it or put in the powder first, it comes out a bit lumpier. i bought a breville blender with 2 x 500 ml cap lid bottles - for £20 off amazon.

it does the job and doesnt break the bank plus the mixture is smoother and tastes better.


exactly what i do.