Incredibly disappointed with the shaker bottle. Utterly ruined my first experience of Huel

My shaker “hack” that I’ve now used every day for nearly 3 months of hueling is to add a mixer ball to a regular sieve shaker, drastically improving the efficiency - I get smooth, lump free huel after ~10 seconds of hard shaking, no blending required (thus can be done anywhere)! The only minor drawback is that you rattle a bit when carrying it around in your bag…

I got mine from the link below, haven’t seen anywhere you can buy the ball alone but it’s cheap enough and the spare sieveless shakers go in the cupboard as back ups.

Another tip (mentioned above) is not to overfill so as to allow the mix to move around when shaking - always stop about an inch from the top. Also put the water in first so the huel doesn’t stick to the sides!

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No the shaker is horrible! I get no such lumps using the shakers I got from others I’ve tested (Jake and Bertrand), and the Huel looks much more healthy and tasty in their shakers as well, than this black/dark one from Huel.
It’s a shame because Huel is fantastic, but their shaker ruins the (first time) experience.

It’s easy to dismiss other people’s claims of lumps with “you just don’t know how to properly shake” when you’ve been lucky enough to not run into a lumpy batch.
I’ve personally had both, lumpy and non-lumpy (actually it should be "less lumpy). And have to say it doesn’t matter how much you shake, the lumps have pretty much the same density as the surrounding mixture so they don’t get “hit” on the sieve or shaker sides, the lumps just get gently pushed around by the surrounding mix. You do need a blender in those cases (or chew through the lumps).
The unflavoured version is easier to mix, BTW. IIUC it has less thickener in it.

I tried my first sample today. The instructions said to use 500 ml for 100 g of Huel. I don’t like my shakes too weak so I used just over 400 ml and it was great. Did you put the water in the shaker first? It’s extremely important to do that first otherwise the powder just clumps together. I used a Core150 shaker and shook it for 10 seconds. I didn’t have any lumps at all. Also, the thing with buying a blender means you can’t have a Huel whilst out. Don’t give up, try another sample and make sure you put the water in first. Good luck with it and good luck at Uni or whatever you are studying.

Not true. I will happily go out for the day with 6 metal thermos flasks full of Huel in my rucksack. No problem at all.

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It’s about having enough room. Most people get smaller portions, but i just got a giant shaker off myprotein that actually holds a full meal. 130g huel +20g extra protein mixes with 650ml really well, and i just use my huel shaker for water.

Yeh the shaker is pretty ordinary. If you give it a bit of a stir with a fork first, then a shake you’ll find it sorts it out.

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I use a shaker with a metal ball in. 500ml of water and 100g of Huel (v1.2 - I went for the recent offer!). A good hard shake and it comes out not too different to my blender. I am leaving it overnight though in the fridge, I guess if you drink the blended one straight away it might be more frothy?

I put 3/4 cubes of ice in with the water. Seems to break up any lumps.

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Are you saying the colour of the frosted shaker ruined your experience? Usually we give out clear plastic shakers, but some people do get the frosted, or used to at least.

I have found this too, as well as making it super cold and making me feel like a pro bartender.

I had the same issue the first times. Now i shake it upside-down and nothing happens anymore.

How do you suspend yourself upside down?

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Bungee jump


Viagra might help :wink:


Sorry to hear that, could you explain more? The OP here got lots of lumps in their Huel - did you find the same problems? The version that Laura (the OP) used was from two years ago and since then we have drastically improved the mixability of Huel.

Could you let us know how you were making Huel and we can attempt to help you out!


I blend mine with a Brevile acti blend but when I’m short on time I just shake it constantly for around 20 seconds, liquid in first helps and then add a bit of ice and then the mesh and shake a bit more.
Also shake between sips if I’m not chugging it down.

Definitely using too much water. I add 400ml of water and three scoops of Huel. I always keep the mesh thing in when shaking and drinking too. Shake it like crazy for for about 20 seconds and I’ve never had lumps in the six months or so that I’ve been using Huel. You do have to shake hard though :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using the Huel shaker for nearly two years, and have never needed to use a blender. I find the shaker is perfect for mixing Huel. It’s all about how you make it up.

The best way I’ve found to shake it is this:

  1. Add some water, but not the whole amount. I start with about 250ml
  2. Add you scoops of Huel
  3. Shake for 10-20 seconds
  4. Top up with more water (which will depend on taste/texture) - I usually add top up to about 600ml on the bottle
  5. Shake again for 20-30 seconds
  6. Drink

This way you are starting by making a paste, and then the second stage of water + shaking gets rid of any lumps.

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One minor point here:

I often see people specify amounts of water before and after, without specifying how much Huel.

I find that the amount of water I add first if I’m using about 3 scoops of Huel is (obviously) less than the amount I start with if I’m using 127g, and a lot MORE than when I make a serving for my girlfriend, who prefers two scoops in a serving.

If I started with the amount of water for my 127g as I use for her 2 scoops, it would never shake up properly. If I used the amount of starting water for her 2 scoops as for my 127g, it would probably already be too thin and DEFINITELY would not require any more water…


I’ve been using Huel daily for 18 months, never used a blender, and never had lumps like that. I do leave the mesh in, shake for about 10 seconds with 400ml and 3 scoops, top up with a bit more water, shale another 10 seconds and refrigerate. I normally give it another small shake immediately before drinking.