Broken Shaker :(

The little lip used to pop open the lid to my shaker has snapped, making it pretty tricky to open to drink. I’ve not had it long and I take pretty good care of my stuff, especially my backpack where it’s usually kept as I tend to also have a laptop in there. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m kind of bummed as I’ve only had it about a month and it’s otherwise a great shaker. Does anyone have any other brands they’d recommend over the Huel ones?

I’ve got 3 of the Huel shakers and none have broken in any way. There are literally hundreds of shakers out there from battery powered “vortex” units to “cyclone technology” but I find the one with the mixer ball and a hinged lid to be a nice shaker. pl12361742-blender_bottle_protein_shaker_with_blenderball_portable_mixer_20oz_shaker_bottle


I use a Sistema Shaker To Go. It does a good job.

Your Huel shaker is actually a brand of shaker called Mixmaster; with “Huel” written on the side in Helvetica. The guys who make the Mixmaster sell it to loads of different companies, including MyProtein, where I think you can buy one for about two quid. Or for an extra two quid, just get yourself a replacement Huel one. Since you liked it just fine until the tab broke, get a new one. If the tab breaks again, consider switching to another type of shaker. I have like, three Mixmaster shakers, including my official Huel one. Never let me down yet.

I really must say this, though: any story involving a laptop, a backpack and a protein shaker is guaranteed to end in tragedy. I bet you £5 in real money that - sooner or later - you are going to spill Huel all over your lovely laptop. Trust me, it will end in tears. Stop putting your nutritionally complete liquid foodstuffs in close proximity to sensitive electronics.


Personally, I’m a huge fan of the BlenderBottle ones with the wire thing inside. Just make sure you get the 32oz one, most of their standard lot are smaller and not quite large enough for a serving of Huel if you do the full three scoops and 550-600ml water.

The only down side is that if you tend to shake your shakes with ice in them, rather than with already really chilled water, the ice cubes get caught in the spout as you try to drink, while with the one from Mixmaster, the little grid things keeps the ice at bay…

Still, though, the BlenderBottle blends it so much better, in my experience.

I’ve already posted this shaker link else where but it’s so good I’m posting again. I love that it has compartments for your powder, and a screw top lid

It’s also available on Amazon

My Huel shakers are fine had them over 12 months.
I use this one for work now as I am trying to do 100%, so I get 2 meals while out. It’s a good solid shaker and I mix it up the night before and put in the fridge.