Plastic Mesh from shaker replacement

Lost the plastic mesh from my shaker, possible to source a replacement anywhere or would i have to buy a whole new shaker?

The same shakers were in Aldi recently (obviously not Huel branded).
It’s called a Mixmaster, so have a look online. I would think that for £2-4 which is what they cost, you’ll just have to buy a new one

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ah thanks that for that! I’m sure i’ll just pick one of those up then

The mesh in the shakers is just an Ice guard

There’s some debate on that as it does a very good job of smashing up lumps when shaking it up.

Yeah I’ve shaken Huel with and without the mesh and its not as good without the mesh. In fact I actually did it yesterday (unintentionally) when I forgot to put the mesh in…first time ever, must be my grandad senility, and it wasn’t as good a job.

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Intriguing. I’ll have to try to find mine and give it another go then

So do you get good results without the mesh?

Yeah! I only used the mesh for the first few days then I saw a post on here saying that it was just to block ice so I took it out and I cant say I’ve noticed much difference. There are some small lumps after about 30 seconds of (vigorous) shaking but I like them! :yum:

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I prefer without the mesh. Don’t like wasting any lumps that get stuck in the grille. Tbh I don’t get that many lumps now. I bought a couple of mixer balls which are ok but dispensed with them after a short time. I find the shaker is good enough on its own, given a good brisk shake in all directions.

Interesting @bee and @JayDog I like little lumps too.

In fact I like my Huel like I like my women - with little lumpy bits and all shook up…


Haha :rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face:

It works much better with the mesh in. I shake Huel for about 10 seconds, and I don’t have lumps.

The lumps are the best bits!! Why is everyone obsessed with having their Huel smoother than a…

I must be too vigorous with my wrist then ???
No mesh and shake for 20 seconds … no lumps just lovely huel !!

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I guess it depends on what lumps people are talking about. I have small oaty bits that you can almost chew. I don’t have big powdery clumps of unshaken Huel. One I like. The other, I can imagine, I wouldn’t!


PM me your address and I will send you mine - I use mixer / shaker balls instead.

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Sports Direct have the same shaker for £1.50, the mesh is identical.