Shaker Bottle - Plastic Mixing Ball?

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I was wondering if anyone knew where it may be possible to purchase a plastic mixing ball for the Huel shaker bottles? I understand Huel doesn’t currently offer/provide the mixing balls with the bottles, so I am using a wire-ball instead. I would prefer if possible to use a plastic (BPA free) version, but cannot find anywhere in the UK that sells these standalone (i.e. without having to buy a new shaker as well).

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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P.S. Would it be worth considering providing such options as an add-on purchase on the Huel site to accompany the current shaker bottles on offer?

the problem is that anyone who sells the balls without the shaker usually sells them in multipacks that are often more expensive than just buying a new shaker with a ball in - like these

I use a wire metal ball in my shaker, too. Out of curiosity, why do you want a plastic one instead?

No idea where to buy one though, unfortunately.

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Sorry I think I replied to the wrong person. I found one on Amazon but it doesn’t say whether it’s BPA free or not :thinking:

not that it matters, but you will only find BPA in polycarbonates (plastic resin code 7) when its used in rigid food and beverage applications. It’s very unlikely a mixer ball would be made of polycarbonate - more likely they will be made out of ABS.

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This is good to know. I didn’t know this. Ty

Yeah, I could only find multipacks or shake and ball bundle as well.

I’m just thinking back to when I used to use a metal (stainless steel) mug for drinking tea, and I always had a ‘metallic’ like aftertaste when using this mug. I’m not saying I’ve experienced that with just the metal wire ball, but using an alternative might remove that concern.

The Huel shaker comes with a plastic grid you place under the lid for bashing up the lumps and it does a better job than balls in my opinion.

Also metal balls are (usually) made of surgical grade stainless steel whereas cheapo metal drinking cups maybe aren’t which is where you’re aftertaste may come from.


Coup is correct there are many different grades of Stainless with only a couple recognised as food grade and, unlike plastics, manufacturers are not compelled to identify which ones they are using.

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Thank you for the help guys :slight_smile: Much Appreciated.

Can I just make a note here for @Phil_C to explain that there is actually a good reason for purchasing a shaker of a different shape of using a ball to mix. Memory is shot to pieces but something about a rounded base ensuring better mixing… he’ll definitely be able to explain as I recall reading it at the time and understanding it, rare enough, but I just use a blender so not hugely relevant to me.

Worth holding off until he responds tho, I’m certain it was pertinent and he knows his onions on this.

yes - one rounded end = good, both rounded ends = better. round holes and square pegs - that sort of thing :slight_smile: thats why without a mixer ball, a bottle like the ShakeSphere is practically useless but with one - makes a very smooth drink - providing you can shake it hard enough :rofl:

I tried using the Huel shaker without the mixing ball and didn’t provide the same results when using.

I will remain a loyal Hueligan and continue with the Huel shaker + metal ball until I can find a better option.

I reverted back to using the grill/ice barrier thingy after going through a phase of blending or using a blender ball.
Huel shaker plus grill = lump free Huel for me


FYI “grill/ice barrier thingy” is in fact a technical term.


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But of course :laughing:

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I’m back to the Huel shaker cup with “grill/ice barrier thingy” after trying the ShakeSphere thing. Utter garbage and destined for the bin, so glad I got it on a deal from QVC and didn’t pay the normal, full price.

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I’ve just managed to find a non-metal shaker ball that is sold individually (without bottle). I think this is the only one I’ve found on sale in the UK.