Ball shaker


I seem to recall when I had a shaker for whey protein years ago the shaker had a metal whisk ball in it, would that make the shaker mix the ingredients better or does it not make a difference?

I always use them. They aren’t perfect but they’re better than nothing, and they’re like £1.50 on Amazon.

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I found the ball a little messy, it got clogged up and didn’t help with the mix.
Simply using ice cubes worked for me.

Are we talking about the same thing? I mean one of these.

It just rinses clean when you wash the shaker. I’m not sure how it would cause a mess or clog up.

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I have some of those. They work fine and very easy to clean.

I’ll tell you what they do do though. When they’re at the bottom of the sink they sometimes go into the plughole, and then the spiral kinda grips the plug, and when I pick them up they pull the plug out. Cheeky little things they are!

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Lol daft bugger :rofl::rofl:


I think the shaker balls are brilliant: definitely make a smoother shake, and are easy to clean.
They behave like wire coat hangers however when left together in a pile !!! so beware!!
Nothing more frustrating than a tangled ball of shaker balls :laughing:.
Reminds me of those stupid puzzles from the 80s that came in Christmas crackers and no one but your uncle could ever solve them.

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I like the shaker balls in the BlenderBottle Pro’s as they work really well with spherical base - I’ve never tried any of the vortex shakers that forgo the need for one either by using inbuilt whisks or by the structural design of the cup (like the Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker) - curious to see how they work but I have enough shakers for now - especially thanks to the exuberance of the fulfilment people with my Black orders :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s them. I found them to contain a lot of congealed powder at the end of a drink.

They clean up fine but I always felt I was missing out and wasting what got washed away.

Here’s a photo I posted in another topic:

Nothing should get stuck inside the ball, unless you make the shakes way, way thicker than I do. Like ten times thicker.

I always use them. Bought a set of 5 from Amazon a couple of years ago, took a while though as I think they came from China.

Sometimes though, I do get a wet (on the outside) ball of Huel stuck inside them. Only when I’ve finished the rest can I give the shaker a hard whack to break it up, add some more water, then mix that last bit before drinking.